can you smoke male cannabis

What can you do with a male weed plant?

Male cannabis flower tends to get a bad rap since the majority of those who have grown marijuana are trained to spot them as soon as possible, in order to dispose of them. A male plant is known for ruining crops and not much more. The truth is that male marijuana seeds and male cannabis flowers have many uses, most of which are medicinal ones.

Here are just a few things to consider when considering the potential of the male cannabis plant.

1. Breeding – If you are wondering where all the new marijuana strains popping up are coming from it’s from selective breeding. When creating a new strain from two pre-existing ones, both a male and a female cannabis plant is required. The male cannabis plant is needed to fertilize the female creating seeds that contain the genetics of both parents involved. A strong male with the most beneficial qualities is necessary to develop the best DNA. Male marijuana plants will also contribute to the gene pool with a better ability to ward off predators. Growing the same strain using only feminized seeds leads to a weaker crop, that over time will become more susceptible to injury or illness. Without the male marijuana plant, we would still have weed. We just couldn’t have any new and exciting hybrids.

2. Fiber Content– Female marijuana plants do not produce the same fibrous strength as a male does. Male cannabis plants are often cultivated on a large scale to create textiles, insulation, fuel, clothing, and more. Male hemp fiber is also much more flexible than that of the female. This helps when making movable material like coats, backpacks, or shirts. Male plants are also beneficial when ingested due to its easy to digest plant-based fiber.

3. CBD Content– The male cannabis plant is often grown specifically for its heritage strains CBD content. CBD can be extracted using a solvent and turned into a tincture, cream drops or mixed into edibles. It can even be infused into your favorite steaming hot beverage for its medicinal benefits. While the raw male cannabis flower may not be high in CBD, to begin with, once extracted the content will be condensed making it perfect for those seeking medical benefits of ingesting CBD.

4. THC Content– While it is rare the male cannabis flower is sometimes grown or harvested for its THC content. As mentioned before a male will not produce the same high levels as a female, but just like with CBD once extracted a plant can offer a reasonably high THC and CBD concentrate or tincture. It can also be made into a potent enjoyable tea.

Can you smoke male weed plants?

Yes! Of course, you can smoke a male cannabis flower. The problem is that male marijuana seeds will make up most of a male cannabis flower, rending most of the product un-smokable. Seeds will crack, pop, and explode so if you are going to smoke a male cannabis flower you will want to grind it down and remove as much of the seed as physically possible. What you do manage to salvage is not going to contain anywhere near the THC same content of its female counterpart, meaning the effects will be incredibly mild.

Most will agree that the male cannabis plant is nowhere near as important to the average person as a female, it certainly does come with many benefits that aren’t often spoken about. A male cannabis flower may not be the best for smoking, but it comes jam-packed full of benefits that can be extracted, and the male cannabis plant itself is essential to the survival and evolution of the marijuana plant species.

Here are just a few things to consider when considering the potential of the male cannabis plant.

4 ways to make use of male cannabis plants

Unlike most flowering plants, cannabis is unique in that it requires both a male and female plant to reproduce. While hermaphroditic (self-pollinating) cannabis does exist, the plant most commonly expresses male- or female-specific sex organs.

Female cannabis plants produce the large, resinous buds that are dried, cured, and consumed. For this reason, females are typically the only plants you’ll find in someone’s cannabis garden.

Male plants are commonly regarded as useless and discarded. While pollination by males is essential for producing more cannabis plants (unless working from clones), it’s a process that is generally best left to breeders so growers can focus on producing consumable seedless buds called sinsemilla.

Do male plants truly belong in a compost bin, or could they serve a more beneficial purpose to gardeners? Surprisingly, there are more uses for male plants than one might think.

1. Breeding

The obvious function of male cannabis plants is for breeding seeds. When pollinating females, males provide half of the genetic makeup inherited by seeds. Because of this, it’s important to look into the genetics of the male plants. Their shape, rate of growth, pest and mold resistance, and climate resilience can all be passed on to increase the quality of future generations.

2. Hemp fiber

When it comes to hemp fiber, the male cannabis plants produce a softer material while females are responsible for producing a coarse, stronger fiber. The soft fiber from the male plants make them more desirable for products like clothing, tablecloths, and other household items.

3. Concentrate production

It may come as a surprise that male plants can be psychoactive in nature—though much less potent than females. The plants do not produce buds, but small amounts of cannabinoids can be found in the leaves, stems, and sacs, which can be extracted to produce hash or other oils.

4. Garden enhancement

Cannabis plants offer more benefits in the garden beyond bud production. Both male and female cannabis plants produce aromatic oils called terpenes, which are associated with pest and disease control. Since males also produce terpenes, you may consider including your males in a vegetable or flower garden (as long as they’re well separated from any female cannabis plants). Dried material from cannabis plants have also been used to produce terpene-rich oils that are applied to repel insects and pests as natural bug sprays.

Additionally, cannabis plants are deep rooting plants with long taproots. Taproots are known for their ability to dive deep into the ground and break apart low-quality soil, allowing for moisture and nutrients to infiltrate and improve the soil quality. These taproots also help keep the soil in place, thereby preventing nutrient runoff and loss of soil during heavy rains.

Humans are largely focused on female cannabis plants, and rightly so. But it’s important to acknowledge and cherish the characteristics of the male cannabis plants as well. Females may produce the buds we know and love, but by limiting diversity of the males, we could be losing out on potential benefits we do not yet understand. Specific males could have compounds we are unaware of that might play significant roles in how females develop, or how cannabis as a whole develops in the future.

If attempting to capitalize on any of the above benefits without the intent to breed, keep in mind that cannabis pollen is extremely good at traveling long distances, determined to find a female. It helps to have a solid understanding of how pollen works and travels before you embark on any of these alternative uses so as not to accidentally pollinate your own plants or a neighbor’s.

Explore ways to utilize male cannabis plants, from extraction possibilities to fiber production.