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In this detailed article, find out if it's safe to smoke CBD oil. When it comes to consuming CBD oil, there are four main methods: Inhaling it by smoking or vaping it. Applying it to your skin topically. Taking it under the tongue (sublingual). Ingesting it using edibles. We’ll break down each of these for you! INHALATION(SMOKING/VAPING) Inhaling CBD oil is one of the fastest ways to

Is it safe to smoke CBD oil?

With the rise of CBD consumption worldwide, growers and retailers have developed different ways to consume CBD for the pleasure of the consumer experience.

In fact, you can find CBD edibles, CBD shampoos, CBD creams, CBD flowers. But the flagship CBD product that everyone is talking about is definitely CBD oil.

CBD oil is now a very common product, and there are many ways to consume it. The most common way to consume CBD oil is still by ingesting the oil sublingually. A few drops under the tongue, and voila!

It is also possible to smoke CBD oil in different ways that we will share in this article. Let’s get started!

How to Smoke CBD Oil

Many consumers choose to smoke CBD oil for reasons of preference. This is because the natural taste of CBD oil can seem a bit strong and earthy and put off those with sensitive palates. This is why they prefer to choose to smoke it.

To smoke CBD oil, there are two methods, smoking CBD oil with a pipe or vaping CBD oil with flavors through a vaporizer. Let’s look at these methods in detail.

Smoking CBD oil with a pipe

It is actually possible to smoke CBD oil with the help of a water pipe-like device that is also called a bong. To do this, you need to get a bong or bong, place the CBD oil inside with water, heat the nail of the device where the CBD concentrate is placed and inhale the smoke that has been produced. The process takes a few tries before you get the hang of it correctly.

Water pipes can be found at any CBD store online or physically. Our advice would be to start with a small pipe and upgrade to larger models if you like the technique.

Smoking CBD oil with a vaporizer pen

If you choose to vape your CBD oil, you’ll need a vaping pen (also known as a vaporizer). This way, you’ll be able to add different flavors to your oil to suit your tastes while enjoying the benefits of quick absorption.

If you are new to vaping, get a vaping starter kit. It will be your perfect ally in this new experience.

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It is relatively simple to use. Just get some CBD e-liquids directly and incorporate them into the vaporizer in the dedicated e-liquid slot. After inhaling your liquid, you will be able to enjoy the effects of CBD very quickly. Nothing could be easier!

The Benefits of Smoking CBD Oil

The biggest advantage of smoking CBD oil is that it will give you a high concentration of CBD to inhale and will take effect very quickly.

The concentration of CBD is usually higher in CBD oil or e-liquids. It all depends on the concentration of CBD you choose, 5%, 10%, 20% etc.

But overall, oils are stronger than flowers or edibles.

Also, when inhaled, the effects of CBD are much greater. Smoked CBD reaches the bloodstream faster through the lungs and sometimes produces the desired effect in less than 30 minutes.

Another benefit of vaping is that it is a great alternative to smoking. People who want to stop smoking tobacco, which is much more harmful than any other smokable substance, can turn to CBD vaping. No more unpleasant sensation and smell of cigarettes. Moreover, CBD vaping is considered more economical than buying tobacco in cigarettes or raw tobacco and rolling leaf in the long run.

What Are the Risks of Smoking CBD Oil?

Whatever product you smoke and whatever method you use to smoke it, you have to keep in mind that smoking always carries a risk. Smoking anything carries a risk of lung damage and respiratory problems. The smoke, more than the product smoked, is the cause of this risk.

The many scientific studies on the subject are clear; smoking is proven to cause serious health complications, including heart disease, stroke, lung cancer or pulmonary emphysema.

Another potential problem users may encounter when smoking CBD is that it has a similar smell to cannabis, making it easily mistaken for something illegal.

Vaping: Does It Make You “High”?

Vaping, if done with quality, carefully chosen, THC-free CBD, will not make you “high.” CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant, but despite the stigma surrounding smoking cannabis, smoking CBD oil will not get you high.

The recreational cannabis compound associated with the plant is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. If your CBD products contain little or no THC, you’ll only get the relaxing effects of CBD.

The CBD compound associated with the plant is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

If you use a CBD oil high in THC, with the fairly instantaneous action of vaping, you will likely get a “high” that will dissipate within a few hours of vaping.

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In France, CBD products must contain less than 0.2% THC and must be made from approved strains of the Cannabis Sativa plant that already have very low levels of THC. This means that CBD oils made legally in Europe and verified in a lab will not get you high.

Well, Choosing Your CBD Oil

To properly choose your CBD oil to smoke, you can check out our guides that answer the question “How to choose your CBD oil?” But to keep it simple, you need to pay attention to a few things in your choice:

1. What type of CBD is right for me? Pure CBD (called CBD isolate) or CBD that offers other cannabinoids and therefore different effects (full spectrum CBD)

2. Is my oil manufactured properly (the safest manufacturing method is CO2 extraction)

3. What concentration of CBD is right for me in my oil? (See CBD percentages)

4. Are the lab that certified my CBD oil as well as its dealer reliable?

The CBD oil’s concentration is not the same as the other oils.

For this last point, we advise you to check out our online CBD store. 321 CBD offers guaranteed premium quality products approved by trusted labs in Europe.

The CBD store is a great place to start.

You’ll find important information, support in your choice, free shipping and CBD oils for every taste!

How to Take CBD Oil

When it comes to consuming CBD oil, there are four main methods:

  • Inhaling it by smoking or vaping it.
  • Applying it to your skin topically.
  • Taking it under the tongue (sublingual).
  • Ingesting it using edibles.

We’ll break down each of these for you!


Inhaling CBD oil is one of the fastest ways to feel its effects since it goes straight into your lungs and bloodstream.

There are two ways to inhale CBD: Smoking and Vaping. We’ll discuss each.


You can smoke cannabidiol concentrate using an “oil rig” (see below), which is similar to a water pipe. It works by heating the “nail” (the chamber where you place the CBD oil concentrate), then putting the oil into the nail with a dabber (a small metal tool used to transfer the oil concentrate from its container to the oil rig). This produces smoke, which you inhale.

Alternatively, you can smoke it by rolling a joint out of high CBD marijuana. However, this method means you’ll also be consuming some THC, which would have a psychoactive effect.

  • The highest concentration of CBD oil and the fastest way to consume it.
  • Easily manage how much you consume.
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  • Smoking can be harsh on the throat and lungs.
  • High concentration can be more than some people want.
  • Requires additional tools (like an oil rig, dabber, and/or joint paper).


You can vape CBD oil with a vaporizer pen. If you’re new to vaping, a vape starter kit (image below) can be a great way to start out.

Vaping is a great alternative to smoking if you still want the maximum possible effect, but without the harsh feel of smoke (like medical marijuana) in your throat and lungs. (Want to dive deeper? Read: How to Vape CBD Oil)

  • High concentration means maximum possible effects.
  • No harsh smoke to aggravate your throat and lungs.
  • Easily control your dosage amounts.
  • The high concentration may be more than you want to feel.
  • Requires extra purchases (CBD vape pen and accessories).


The next way to use CBD oil is through topical application — meaning, you place it on your skin in the form of a balm, lotion, or ointment.

This method is probably the easiest as it doesn’t require any special tools or knowledge to use. Simply figure out the dosage you want (we’ll help you with that in the next section), then apply that amount of balm to your skin.

This method is best for sore muscles, migraines, and skin conditions like acne. You can apply the balm directly to any sore areas, such as a sore neck, back, or feet.

  • Easy to use.
  • No extra tools or accessories required.
  • Great for sore muscles and chronic pain.
  • Has the mildest effects of all the consumption methods.
  • Has the mildest effects of all the consumption methods (you might require more CBD).
  • While the effects happen quickly, they don’t last as long in comparison to other methods.


You can purchase CBD oil tinctures — little bottles that look like eye drops (see below) — to take your cannabidiol sublingually (under your tongue).

Simply apply a few drops under your tongue from the dropper, hold it in your mouth for ~30 seconds, then swallow! This method is discreet, effective, and gives you feelings of calm and well-being. It’s believed that pure hemp oil concentrates are a good way to add a large number of cannabinoids to your daily routine — more the merrier.

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