can pots kill you

Poetry Competition Winners

Members were offered to submit poetry, prose, art or design work around the theme of ‘The PoTS community, what PoTS means to you”.

Entries were Judged by Adam Jacobs at the Cotswold PoTS Retreat on 10th April.

First prize of a PoTS UK hoddie was awarded to Pamela Newman, Runners up include Andrea Faber, Coral Munro and Victoria Payne, who receive a shopping tote donated by Ella Woodward.

Pam the shape shifter not the butterfly or the wolf

I’m invisible you can’t see me!
I’m a shape shifter, a bird, a buzzing bee, a cloud, a butterfly, the
roots of a tree.
I was there there at your birth,
you will never catch me!
I’ll never stop moving,
I love to be stalking you, talking,
walking, climbing your tree!
I’m the tree of your life
you can’t catch me!
I’m a joker a clown, I’m
the pain you can’t see!
I have done well it said
your doctors never see me!

Pam thought for a moment and then she replied.
You may be invisible but
I’ve known all my life,
That you have been there,
plagued me given me strife.
For 69 years I knew you too
You haven’t defeated me yet, Pam said to you, you’ve given me strife
when I go to the loo!
I was born a fighter, I’ll fight ’til I die!
I know where you are, you’re not in the sky.
Your evil and greedy draining my life!
I love furry animals I’ve even seen you, in the wilds of Wyoming I know
that it’s true.
Your gorgeous to look at a handsome wild dog, your no pretty butterfly,
bird or frog!

Your eating my cells and destroying my bones, your sucking my blood and
deaf to my moans!
You’ll win in the end, I know that is true, but I’ll keep on fighting,
I really hate you!
You’re the most evil illness I daily fight.
I’m in your dark tunnel but I can see light.
You’ll kill me and others I know that it’s true, but soon a scientist
will finally kill you.

Our lives are like a gossamer thread,
unique, translucent, tangled like a web.
How long do we expect the thread to last?
We feel cheated if life’s quickly passed.
In our world of medical miracles,
we expect cures for all our ills.
Even the undertaker was taken aback,
when the silken strand of a child’s life goes snap.

For once in the turbulent chasms of my life
my mind is at peace.
Stillness creeps over my tortured brain,
I no longer feel sucked under.
To live again and hear a bird or the soft thud of snow
falling off a branch of a tree.
I wish it could last – this peace,
yet as I sit I know time is running out soon,
too soon, I must take up the shackles of responsibility
and face the problems that assail me.
Peace where are you – perfect – enveloping-
recharging the worn soul?
I long for you yet fear the unknown of eternity,
perhaps it is wrong to desire too soon,
that which ultimately is the reward for us all?

Sitting on the bathroom floor

Hot and sweaty feeling sick
Heart beats faster tick tick tick
Nervous system no control
Legs tremble weak like new born foal

Standing upright dizzy spell
‘You look so healthy’ who can tell?
Eyes so blurry
Tongue dries furry
As fall in to this drowning well

Or-tho-static hypotension
Feeling fragile did I mention?
Standing up means leg blood pooling
One more smile now who you fooling?

Drink more water
Down more salt
If kidneys fail
It’s not my fault

Now I just need, to get up slow
As pressure in blood gets so low
Palpitations set off fast
Lights ‘fore my eyes are flashing past
Fall in to bed for heart to rest
Nervous system put to test

Drown myself in extra water
Teach dizzy tricks to eldest daughter
Fight or flight keeps me shaking
Anxiety floods through veins vibrating
Draining strength from head to toe
Gastric transit goes so slow

Just take a break from all that fight
Get tucked up, enjoy the night
Take me to a place pain free
Where body laughs and I’m carefree

To all my POTSIE’s – keep smiling

Where do I start
I’ll try from the heart.
I have POTS
“OH What” say people a lot.

I used to run long distance
A distance memory now for instance.
I used to laugh and live everyday
Now I spend my time on a settee in a way.

Chronic fatigue is the pits
This really does know where to hit.
Dizziness is getting very bad
I pass out this is quite mad.

I try to exercise as I am told
But how says I when the fatigue takes hold.
Just think of the pain you get when you have flu
Well I have that most days which is a real moo.

The palpitations and dizziness get so strong
But oh I was fit which is really just so wrong.
This is a very lonely condition
But I aim to change this and make this my mission.

I am lucky and have a wonderful husband
He is very much my pure diamond.
I have some very good friends but cry when I am alone
I do feel like a dog that has lost their bone.

I am alive and will put a smile on my face
Despite how I feel so I still keep my grace.
So my POTSIE friends we keep together
To listen and give support for us all to treasure.

Providing information and support about postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (PoTS) for sufferers, medical professionals, family, and friends – aiming to raise awareness.

Why Are Drainage Holes Important: Do Pots Need Drain Holes

Why are drainage holes important? No matter what type of plants you are growing, using containers with drainage holes is essential to their health. A lack of drainage is one of the most common culprits in cases of unhealthy and dying plants.

Why Do Pots Need Drain Holes?

With the exception of a few aquatic plants, plant roots don’t like to sit in water. They need to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with the air, and excess water closes off the air pockets in soil. Plants in pots without drainage holes are prone to becoming overwatered. Even if the soil surface appears dry, the soil at the bottom of the pot may be sopping wet.

Waterlogged soil can lead to root rot, a serious condition that can easily kill your plants. Signs of root rot include wilted leaves that don’t perk up after watering, yellow leaves, and leaf drop. If you remove the plant from the container, you may see black or brown, slimy or mushy roots.

Another major reason to make sure that there are enough holes in pots is to prevent salt buildup in the potting soil. Tap water and fertilizers contain salts that can harm plants. As plant roots take in water, they leave some of the salts behind, and salts concentrate in the soil over time. When you water thoroughly and let the water flow out through the drainage holes in the bottom of the container, salts are flushed out of the soil.

With no drainage holes, salts are never removed from the soil but just keep building up, creating an unhealthy environment for your plants. If salts do build up in your potting soil, you may see the plant’s leaves turning brown on the tips and edges, or you may see a whitish crust of salt on the soil surface.

Many homeowners keep their houseplants sitting in saucers to protect the furniture or floor from drips. This is fine, but make sure water does not sit in the saucer, where it can wick right back into the potting soil. Be sure to dump the water out of each saucer regularly. Or, try watering your plants in the kitchen sink, then moving them back to the saucers after they drain.

Can You Use Pots Without Drainage Holes?

If your pot came without a drainage hole, see if you can drill holes in the bottom. If it is impossible to drill holes in your container, try using it as a decorative pot in a “double potting” system.

Pot up your plant in a smaller container with drainage holes, then place the smaller pot inside the larger, decorative pot. Every time you need to water, simply remove the smaller container and water it in the sink. When it’s finished draining, replace it in the decorative pot.

Why are drainage holes important? No matter what type of plants you are growing, using containers with drainage holes is essential to their health. A lack of drainage is one of the most common culprits in cases of unhealthy and dying plants.