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Pong Pong Tree Seeds

Pong Pong tree seeds (cerbera odollam) need plenty of water and sun to encourage them to germinate. The tree grows between 5 and 10 meters tall and is often seen in Singapore and Thailand.



We have always promoted a positive and healthy lifestyle in everything we do. We are shocked and saddended to hear a customer tried to commit suicide with the seeds she purchased from our store.

Therefor we are suspending the sale of all Pong Pong seeds until further notice.

Our thoughts are with her and her family.

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The Pong Pong tree seeds (Cerbera odollam) are a native species to S/E Asia and can often be seen throughout India, landscaping the roads of Singapore, Malaysia and as an ornamental and tree that provides shade in many a Thai garden.

The Pong Pong tree seed is roughly the size of a tennis ball and to germinate needs plenty of water and sunlight.

How to Grow Pong Pong Tree Seeds

  • Take your Pong Pong tree seeds out of the packaging and soak in water for 12 hours
  • Prepare a plant pot with quality soil and compost and ensure you have good drainage
  • Place the Pong Pong seed on top of your soil and press down firmly
  • Place your pot or container out into a sunny spot with as much direct sunlight as possible
  • Keep the seed and soil moist at all times watering twice a day

Seed – Sapling – Tree

The seed germination period will vary greatly dependent on the environment. Generally speaking after a few weeks the dormant seed will send up a bright green shoot. Within a few more week the sapling will stand between 20-30cm. You should then plant the young plant in to a larger container remembering to keep it in direct sunlight and the soil moist.

When the tree is strong and reaches around 3 feet in height, dig a large hole, soak the ground, layer it with compost and plant your tree in a sunny spot in your garden. Back fill the hole in with more quality soil and compost. Add a layer of mulch and water well in.

As the tree grows you will be able to enjoy the beautiful and fragrant blossoms. The trees also produce fruit the size of a grapefruit. It’s highly poisonous and should not be eaten on any account. The seeds also make a great decoration or garden ornament.

To see more photos of Pong Pong seeds we have successfully grown into trees here in Thailand, visit our blog page.

Pong Pong tree seeds for sale. Buy your Pong Pong tree seeds (cerbera odollam) to create beauty and shade for your home and garden design projects.