bubblegum seeds


Bubblegum by T.H. Seeds is a stable, strong plant that has an intense bubblegum aroma – growers all over the world love this plant.

Bubblegum description

Bubblegum Characteristics

An Original Bubblegum Cannabis Strain from the US

Bubblegum by T.H. Seeds is an indica-dominant plant known for its intense bubblegum flavor. This particular version is incredibly “bubble”-like, maintaining the original strain’s flavor and yield capacity. This strain has been around for over a decade now, causing a stir among growers all over the world thanks to its aromatic, enormous buds.

Bubblegum Indoor Plants

When planted indoors make sure you don’t give it too long of a growth period or it can grow much too tall – 21 growing days are more than enough before flipping the lights to flower. After around 60 flowering days your plants will be ready to harvest, producing dense and delicious buds. It’s not that hard to grow, and it doesn’t need much feeding, just a regular watering schedule in order to produce plenty of flowers and resin.

Bubblegum Outdoor Plants

Outdoors, keep in mind that you’ll need to place it in the sunniest area possible and a nicely prepared substrate. You’ll need to train its branches and tie them in order to get them to grow as efficiently as possible – if you just let them grow as is, it might end up bent over due to the weight of its buds. It should be ready to harvest towards the end of September, yielding up to 500g.

Bubblegum – Delicious Cannabis Strain

It has an earthy, sweet flavor that’s incredibly similar to strawberry bubblegum, and its high is perfect for right before bed. Bubblegum by T.H. Seeds will surprise any grower that tries it.

  • Sativa/Indica: 40/60%
  • Flowering: 55-60 days indoors, end of September outdoors.
  • Height: 0.6-1.6m indoors, 1.2-1.9m outdoors.

Bubblegum by T.H. Seeds is an indica-dominant plant, well-known for its taste and flavour. Its penetrating and oversweet taste reminds of chewing-gum. ]]>