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Brain OG

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This phenotype of OG Kush is believed to originate in the early 1990s in Southern California. It is perhaps a bagseed of the original OG, also known as Hell’s OG or Tahoe OG. Then again, that’s just one story on OG out of many legendary fables.


Also kown as Snoop’s OG, this particlular phenotype is thought to originate in the mid 90’s amongst the proliferation of West Coast hip hop. B-Real of Cypress Hill calls it Brain OG, probably after the song “Insane in the Brain”, and Snoop calls it Snoop OG.

Brain OG is a strain of marijuana. Learn about the effects and characteristics of Brain OG, and view our collection of cannabis photography.

Brain OG

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Brain OG by Curaleaf

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1 customer review

on November 5th, 2019

Personally one if my favorites, it helps me get the piece of mind I need, I helps me stay calm and able to get through my days cool calm and collected. Doesn’t leave me bogged down or lazy unless I over indulge.

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Brain OG by Curaleaf