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Bonza Seed Bank Review in 2021 – Lower Than Average Marijuana Prices

Are you out to discover a seed bank that provides you good seeds for a very reasonable price? Well, your search ends at BONZA SEED BANK .

All over the world, Bonza Seed bank has acquired a good name for themselves by providing very good prices on cannabis seeds.

Hordes of people only come to you when you sell at a lower price than the average of the industry, and we think the Bonza company people have understood this very well.

You would be surprised to know that Bonza guys are active on other marijuana forums and other marijuana-related websites. They solve peoples queries and doubts there.

If you are interested in reading more about this awesome marijuana seed bank, then don’t miss to read the in-depth Bonza Seeds review below.


The reputation of Bonza Seed Bank

People on the internet support and speak in favor of Bonza seeds bank.

By providing good great customer services and high-quality cannabis seeds, they have won over the hearts of the buyers.

Mainly, this seed bank will be suited to people who like to grow a lot of different marijuana strains on their own. They even have a wide variety of marijuana strains , which is another reason why people love this seed bank.

Read below what some of the customers of Bonza seeds has to say in their review:

History of Bonza Seed Bank

Bonza seed bank started in 2009, and since then they have come a long way and increased their production to high levels.

What we love about this UK based marijuana seed bank is that they provide buyers with a choice of buying in bulk for their commercial operations of in small quantities if they are growing marijuana indoors at home.

Although compared to other seeds bank who have 25+ years of experience in marijuana breeding and seed selling, this comparatively new Bonza seed bank with 10 years of experience is walking tall with them.

Bonza Online Store Website

The website of Bonza Seeds is really clutter-free and simple to use for anyone.

They have a huge list of different types breeders on one side, and current top seller strains on the other side.

The homepage of the website lists all the cannabis strains which are recommended by them along with a list of all the newcomers as well.

Very handy, right?

A very simple menu bar on the top shows liked button to FAQ’s, Freebies, Support, and Shipping menus .

Additionally, they even have a currency converter on their website, which can be used to convert various currencies like GBP, CAD, USD, AUD, and EUR.

Quality of Cannabis Strain Seeds

Bonza Seeds is not directly involved in maintaining a high-quality standard for all of the seeds they sell.

They source their seeds from hundreds of different marijuana breeders and seed banks, so what they get is not in their hands all the time.

Despite that, all the breeders associated with bonza seeds do have their own inspections to keep the quality of marijuana seeds always high.

Why should you buy from Bonze seeds bank then?

Well, imagine you have a favorite breeder, and they don’t ship out their marijuana seeds to individuals or in your country. What do you do then? Well, then comes the Bonza seeds, they can source the seeds for you and then they can send it out to wherever you live.

People who have bought from Bonza seeds have given them very high ratings for getting only the fresh and good quality seeds.

Bonza Strains Variety

This is one of the biggest marijuana seeds bank right now on the internet. They have stocked up more than 2500 cannabis strains in their labs.

You would get tired of looking at them if you went reading the name of every marijuana strain!

The most famous brand seeds that you can shop on Bonza seeds are:

  • G-3 Labs
  • Paradise Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds
  • Cali Connection
  • Barney’s Farm
  • Dutch Passion
  • BC Bud Depot
  • And many more

You can get feminized seeds, regular seeds, autoflowering seeds and all others from their online shop. They have a great mix and match scheme where you can buy various different strains together.

The following are some of the best sellers on Bonza Seeds Shop.

Bonza Seeds Bank’s Blog

Love reading about marijuana strains?

Well, you are going to love Bonza Seed Bank Blog!

Their blog has articles and reviews about many different types of marijuana strains. These reviews include every detail about the marijuana strain that you can look up before purchasing to get a feel of what kind of marijuana strain it is.

The reviews include things like the taste, smell, effects, growing timing, medical benefits, adverse effects , etc. of a marijuana strain.

Germination Guarantee

When you order your marijuana seeds and sow them, and then what if they do not germinate?

Bonza seeds give out germination guarantee!

If you get your seeds and you do everything right, even after that if the seeds do not germinate, then you can contact bonza seeds, and they will replace the bad seeds for free.

Isn’t that really impressive?

Now you can buy seeds and don’t have to be stressful about getting bad seeds that do not grow.

Shipping Price & Arrival Timings

Bonza seeds sell and ship their awesome marijuana seeds all around the globe.

You will not ger free delivery on your orders, and the prices are as follows:

  • UK Shipping
    • Possum – Tracked and signed – £3.99 – 2 to 3 days
    • Kangaroo – Tracked and signed – £4.99 – 1 to 2 days
    • Flying Fox – Tracked and signed – £9.99 – Next Day
  • EU Shipping
    • Tracked and Signed – £10 – 10 to 30 days
    • Tracked, Stealth and signed – £15 – 6 to 10 days
  • North & South America Shipping
    • Tracked and Signed – £10 – 10 to 30 days
    • Tracked, Stealth and signed – £15 – 6 to 10 days
  • Oceania Shipping
    • Extra Stealth and No Tracking – £8.99 – 12 to 14 days
    • Tracked and signed – £10 – 10 days
    • Tracked and Extra Stealth – £15 – 6 to 10 days
  • Everywhere Else Shipping
    • Tracked and Signed – £10 – 10 to 30 days
    • Tracked, Extra Stealth and signed – £15 – 8 to 12 days

The stealth parcel is one of the best options out there to hide your seeds from everybody. If you choose the stealth options, Bonza Seed Bank will send out seeds well hidden inside things which are of everyday use like t-shirts and pens.

No once opening the parcel will know that there are seeds inside it, they will just see that everyday item, and you will be safe.

Additionally, they also provide shipping guarantee as well. If your parcel is intercepted or it gets lost somewhere, then they will send out a new one for no extra cost at all.

Are the seeds safe inside the parcel?

Your marijuana seeds are not going to get any kind of damage when in transit. The reason for that is that Bonza Seeds have their own SeedPod packaging system.

These packages are specially designed to keep the cannabis seeds very safe and fresh . You don’t have to worry about damages at all.

Even though, if your parcel does get damaged during the transit, then make sure you inform them within 2 days. Send them photos of the damaged packaging, and interior packaging as well.

After that, they will review your order and send out a refund or a new parcel.

Discreet Parcel?

All the parcels that go out from Bonza seeds are carefully packed so that there are no signs of marijuana or anything related to marijuana on the parcel.

You will get a very plain looking parcel with only senders and return address on top of it.

What are the different Payment Methods?

When it comes to paying them, they, unfortunately, do not have as many options as other seed banks.

You can pay by Bitcoins, Visa cards or Master Cards.

Latest Offers and Discounts

They have lower prices for their products, and on top of that, they do offer promotions and discounts regularly. Make sure to check out their promotions and sales page to see what they have going on now.

At the time of writing this review, Bonza Seeds have an offer which gives you free 4 seeds when you spent over £40.

Keep checking the promotions page so that you do not miss any offers.

Is Bonza Seed Bank’s Customer Services good?

The guys at the customer service department of Bonza seeds are really helpful when you go to them with your queries and questions.

Additionally, they are also active in other popular marijuana forums as well. You can contact them there as well. If you go to their FAQ page, we are sure you will get the answer to your question.

The FAQ page has a huge database of all the questions along with their solutions.

If you still do not get your answer, then you can chat with them on their website and ask questions.

Last Words

Bonza seeds is a great place to buy marijuana seeds. They have a great variety of breeders and strains on their shop online.

Buying a few seeds of different kinds of strain is really efficient when using Bonza seeds. You can even order in bulk as well.

The website is also very easy to use with a list of all the Expert breeders no the homepage.

Overall, this is a great place to order marijuana seeds if you can wait a little while for the delivery. If you need to ask any questions or need advice, then you can either use the comments box, or you can contact us directly, we would be glad to help out.

Bonza Seed Bank has come up a long way, they provide more than 2,500 different types of Marijuana Strains on their Online Shop. Visit Today!

Bonza Seeds Seedbank Review

User Rating

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 266 user reviews.

SeedFinder Info

Bonza Seeds is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we absolutely can recommend this seedbank.

User Reviews

guest United States, September 2019

Hello everyone, This review is a few years late but at least i got some experience with the seeds Ive purchased from Bonza Seed. and the reason im leaving a review now is because i just ordered from SeedSupreme and im remembering my experience with BonzaSeeds. So Ive ordered from Bonza twice, both times it was over 20 and under 40 seeds roughly. I have to admit Ive received my seeds in probably 2 or 3 weeks which wasnt bad all things considering. I also paid using a Credit Card and did notice a conversation rate fee from my bank Im assuming and not the seed bank ($5-$9) a little upset about this. Most of the seeds germinated, some didnt and some did but i managed to over water them or mess them up during transplanting the seedling since i was using the towel and plates method compared to the rapid roots that ive been using with a lot higher success rate. The only issue I had with this bank was not knowing if the seeds I ordered from the breeders were actually those genetics or some other ones. Some did resemble what I ordered and others didnt (this could also be that most strains have 1 or more different gene varietys) I actually just attempted to germinate 5 seeds that I ordered from 2016 maybe even older and 4 of the 5 have germinated. So with a couple of years of growing experience and only getting my seeds from Bonza and growing over 15 different strains if not more from the 2 separate orders, I can say Im overall happy. Also, I asked for no Autos on my second order from them and they actually listened and included no autos but regular and some feminized.

guest United States, April 2019

Ordered one head cheese seed and received the most inferior black head of a seed ever. I would never give away such a seed to anyone to grow, let alone sell. I can not endorse this company to anyone who wants just one seed. They dont care about quality of viability.

guest United States, March 2019

Im a bit concerned over Bonzas billing practices now. I was given a total, checked out, and after the fact they added a “Handling” fee on top of the quoted shipping fee. On top of that there was a currency conversion fee for converting from US dollars to Chinese Yuan. WTF. Im in the US buying from a company in England. where does Chinese Yuan come into play? In the end I was charged about $25 dollars more than I was quoted at checkout. Bonza added some free seeds to compensate but I have a hard time trusting a company that adds extra fees after you checkout. Ill think twice before ordering again.

guest No info, February 2019

BUYER BEWARE, Bonza is NOT what it used to be. I think they were bought out by a Chinese company and now they cannot be trusted. My CC charge was WAY more than what I was quoted at checkout. Customer service is now no existent so buy from Bonza at your own risk.

guest United States, December 2018

They make it very difficult to contact them and when youdo it?s only after many many attempts. I had 3 different products all done with same procedure one product was not viable so their answer to that is ?natural? products are unpredictable. It?s very predictable that they will take your money for something they have no idea will work. They offered free seeds the next order but given the fact that they are unresponsive very poor contact means, I would never bother with them again!

guest South Africa, August 2018

I have been waiting 70 days and nothing , Bonza seeds dont give a damm , they do absolutely no effort to find out where the parcel is , my order ref is #800057568

guest United States, August 2018

I did not receive all the seeds I paid for. When I informed them, they basically told me that I was a liar because their seeds went through quality control and it was pretty much impossible for me to not have received them all. They acted like I was trying to rip them off. It was literally four seeds I was missing in an order of eight. Thats half my order. They would not do anything for me. They just continued to tell me I was wrong. I told them I would never buy from them again and left it at that after going back and forth several times with them trying to either get the seeds sent to me or my money back. Neither of which they would do. There was no winning. I wouldnt buy from them again if they were the only place left to buy seeds. Absolutely horrendous customer service.

guest United States, August 2018

I have not had time to germinate the seeds but they look good. Very impressed with this company

guest United States, July 2018

Not rating product quality because I have yet to plant them

guest Canada, July 2018

Terrible experience. I got my seeds but only one germinated and it was female but it turned out nothing like the strain so it was a FAKE (probably bag seed) as Ive grown this strain before and had no resemblance whatsoever, they ripped me off and I ended up wasting my time growing out whatever they gave me which was sickingly sweet and not the diesel/kush hybrid I wanted! Very very unhappy. buyer beware.

guest Australia, June 2018

Ordered back in march 2018 was a bit surprised there was no tracking ability. Waited and waited emailed them had a lot of trouble with support page completely useles. It took a long time to get someone to respond, was told to be patient as had to let it go through the mailing cycle. Eventually was able to do a resend order so it would be replaced, im still waiting. I also ordered from another company called alibongo at the same time, seeds arrived within 3 weeks and were trackable, i have also laid another order with alibongo which turned up again within 3 weeks, so im not happy at all with bonza, they dont even answer emails anymore, its not easy deciding what company to buy with but when you pick a dodgy one it hurts more.

guest Australia, May 2018

ordered from these guys over 10 times into Qld really fast , 2 weeks no stuff AROUND abit dear though

guest United States, March 2018

I ordered lsd seeds 20 I have been growing for 30 years. and out of this order 3 seeds germinated.

guest Australia, March 2018

In the past have had 2 x previous orders delivered OK, however had to use their “Buddy” delivery system at a premium price, as they said deliveries to QLD are the most difficult due to Customs seizures.
Last order was placed late December 2017, had to play email tag for a week trying to get them to do Buddy system again just to be told by Bonza that they dont do Buddy any more and that deliveries to QLD were much easier now.
Anyhow the order was supposedly dispatched on 02/01/18 without Buddy system.
Had to wait 6 weeks and fill out an online before I could even tell them it was a no show and to do a resend.
Now why I had to wait 6 weeks is just Bull Shit, the resend arrived from UK to AUS in just 8 days.
But wait theres more:
I had to stuff around for a day to organise payment via BitCoin so I could get some discounts & Free seeds offered by Bonza when paying with Bitcoin – guest what – NO Free Seeds in the Resend.
I get the feeling that the Company may have changed hands and/or their man in NSW that was doing posts to other states may have got busted. Either way its all bad news for those in QLD.

guest United States, February 2018

First order from bonza. Fast delivery, had all varieties I wanted at fair prices. Discreet packaging with no issues. Highly recommended and the only seed bank I will order from in the future.

guest United States, December 2017

Bonza still accepts credit cards! They specialize in single seeds and they have a new packaging method that is better than their previous method because it is now about impossible to mix up your seeds. They replied to my email question in 10 minutes and they shipped my order the day after I placed it. Ive ordered from them 4 times and each time has been perfect!

guest Australia, December 2017

Seeds meant to be frisian duck grow into some non duck unknown auto, Bonza says not our problem contact the breeder. Chocoloupe also turns out unknown auto

guest Australia, December 2017

Paid for stealth, placed only small order. 7th nov purchase date, 20th dec still no order delivered. Given mo tracking number so doubtful package was even sent. When 30 buisness days had passed was given a link to reorder. Link was no good and came up with 404 page not found or does not exist. Doubt this is a reliable company.

guest United States, December 2017

Awesome customer with quick delivery to the west coast.

guest Netherlands, September 2017

Awesome selection with quick delivery and 100% germ. keep up the good work bonzer

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Bonza Seeds Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 266 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Bonza Seeds is listed as “green” at the SeedFinder. This means we