blueberry gum strain

Blueberry gum strain

Blueberry Gum Strain

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica

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Great early strain for eastern Canada. Finished by first week of October. Yield was good in outdoor green house. Dense buds great fruity flavour. Will grow again. Also relatively quick to cure!

I have been growing this in Southern California. It was hard to start from a seed but now is easier to grow then my other strains. It seems more difficult to get to flower but is a beautiful plant. For me it’s been better because it has been unusual cloudy and my other plants went to flower quickly. It seems to be very thirsty. I will update once it flowers.

Nice strain, it’s been grown outside in North France, and had to be cut before the end because of botrytis (high humidity climate) Nevertheless taste was good, of earth and berry. The stone was not too strong but sufficient to sleep, and the high was low. Nice for who is sensitive to effects but likes to smoke.

Beautiful strain ,loved on also grown indoor but it is a powerful nice relaxing Smoke 💯 love it and I’m a big Indica smoker and this girl hung in their with best for the insomnia and relaxing deff grab if u get a chance real pretty but it’s always in the high and she got some Bang to her

I grew this big girl and lab tested for potency the results are 19.44% THC. This girl she was grown in soil indoor and tested in the Inland Empire California and amount dried and cured amount I received from her was 4.5 ounces. Amazing smell and taste and the correct strain information is Hashplant and Blueberry. Too see the results contact me 951 236 6908

Blueberry Gum is an indica-dominant child of Blueberry and Bubblegum Kush. Both these strains are also indica dominant. THC levels are largely unknown, and the same is true of CBD, though this strain's genetics suggest it's relatively low in CBD. That means it probably shouldn't be used to reliev…