blue skittles weed

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Blue Zkittlez Strain | Marijuana Grow Info and More

There is nothing quite like ending the day with a calming cannabis strain while curled up on the sofa. Blue Zkittlez is a popular pick for many evening smokers as a result of its ability to relax you both physically and mentally. Blue Zkittlez leaves you with just enough energy to enjoy the experience.

It is exceptionally rare to find a strain that creates that perfect balance between being a sedative and giving you the energy needed to still have fun. With so many positive reviews, it would appear that Blue Zkittlez has managed to find such a balance.

Let’s take a closer look at Blue Zkittlez and find out what makes it such a popular evening strain.

What Is the Blue Zkittlez Strain?

Dying Breed Seeds initially created Blue Zkittlez by crossing Blue Diamond and Zkittlez. It is a hybrid strain with a strong indica lean. Most experts believe it to have a breakdown of 70% indica and 30% sativa. The strain’s effects closely resemble what you would expect from a strain with such high indica content.


The effects of Blue Zkittlez combine a mellowing high with moderate sedation that can leave your body feeling heavy and lethargic. When you smoke it in small amounts, Blue Zkittlez helps to uplift your mood and mild numb pains. In larger doses, Blue Zkittlez can quickly leave you sedated for hours at a time on the couch.

The fast-acting strain takes you by sudden surprise with its effects typically being noticeable before you even finish your last puff. You initially notice a light-headed feeling followed by a tingling sensation. This starts around your eyes before working its way throughout your body.

Within several minutes, the full-bodied effects of Blue Zkittlez take hold. Your limbs start to feel light, almost as though they are detached from your body. Blue Zkittlez’s physical effects help you to feel calm and relaxed, relieving tension and stress.

Blue Zkittlez can suddenly increase your appetite, causing you to reach for the nearest snacks on hand. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some of your favorite snacks on hand.

People don’t generally consider Blue Zkittlez a very social strain, in part due to its sedative effects. Most people find that they quickly become wrapped up in their own thoughts and have very little desire to engage in lengthy and complex conversations. This is not to say that you cannot enjoy Blue Zkittlez with a few close friends in a relaxing environment. It just might not be the best strain to smoke before heading out to a party.

Blue Zkittlez is generally better for use during the evening. It often leaves you feeling relaxed and sedated, causing you to drift off to sleep as the strain’s effects start to wear off.


Blue Zkittlez has a strong aroma that can be hard to disguise and is easy to spot once you know what you’re looking for. The strain’s interesting mix of terpenes results in a powerfully complex aroma.

Blue Zkittlez buds have a strong earthy smell with a hint of fresh berries, making the strain easily detectable when placed among other plants.

As you break Blue Zkittlez’s buds apart, you are hit by a wave of different sensations as the smell of berries and earth collide with diesel and springtime flowers. The strange combination takes most people by surprise and can take a few minutes before settling and becoming enjoyable.

Burning Blue Zkittlez buds further brings out the strain’s diesel properties, filling the room with an aroma that can take hours to dissipate. If discreteness is important, Blue Zkittlez might not be the most ideal strain for smoking in a closed environment.


At first, Blue Zkittlez has a tart flavor that, depending on your taste, can appear slightly unpleasant at first. Luckily, the flavors quickly mellow as the strain’s sweet citrus tones become much more prominent.

Blue Zkittlez’s active terpene profile creates an herbal undertone that hangs in your mouth throughout the entire experience. The earthy, herbal flavor manages to outlive all the other flavors contained in Blue Zkittlez buds, lingering in your mouth even after smoking.

There is also a subtle grapefruit taste that you might not notice at first, but as your taste buds begin to adapt, you are able to recognize the fruity tang. The grapefruit comes from the strain’s Zkittlez lineage and its link to the Grapefruit cannabis strain.

As you breathe in Blue Zkittlez’s clear and enjoyable smoke, all the different flavors at play wash over your taste buds in a sudden rush. The cocktail of flavors can feel overwhelming, but quickly turns into an enjoyable experience.

Exhaling leaves an herbal taste in your mouth with a hint of diesel, creating a slight tang. The strain’s smoke dances in a cloud around you, allowing your brain to combine the aroma and flavor profile of Blue Zkittlez.

Blue Zkittlez’s blend of different flavors quickly becomes addictive, making it difficult not to take just one more tasty puff of smoke.


Blue Zkittlez plants blend in easily among other garden plants thanks to their medium height. Although placement is still relevant as the plant’s powerful aroma is often a give way. Blue Zkittlez buds also grow to medium size, with some staying small and almost coin-sized. The bud’s size makes them easy to break apart even without a grinder, ideal for those who are novice smokers.

Buds have a rich, earthy green coloring with speckles of yellow dotted throughout to add a pleasing layer of texture. A thick layer of trichomes typically covers Blue Zkittlez buds, giving them a sparkling, wintery vibe.

The plants have a sticky texture and appearance due to the heavy layer of resin that develops on the outer surface of Blue Zkittlez buds. The texture can feel slightly strange and tacky to the touch, adding a slight complication when dealing with ground-up buds.

Blue Zkittlez plants produce long, thin leaves that often take on a brown color, making them stand out from the rest of the plant’s green coloring. The leaves often develop the same layer of tacky resin, giving them a furry appearance.

Blue Zkittlez Strain Grow Info

Fortunately, Blue Zkittlez cannabis plants are relatively easy to grow, although a little previous experience can be helpful.

It is possible to grow Blue Zkittlez plants both indoors and outside effectively, although this does depend on your local climate. Plants are happiest when kept in a warm, dry climate. For those who live in rainy areas, it is best to keep plants indoors, giving you much more control.

Indoor plants can take between 7 and 10 weeks before they are completely ready to be harvested, producing a slightly higher than average yield. Outdoor plants, on the other hand, can be ready from early October and produce a noticeable higher yield than indoor plants.

You can typically find and purchase Blue Zkittlez strain seeds online. Growing Blue Zkittlez plants from seeds does require some previous experience of growing. For newer growers, it is recommended to start with Blue Zkittlez clippings for a much more straightforward experience.

Clippings are genetically identical to the plant that they are taken from, meaning that you should be able to predict the plant’s growing pattern much more easily. Clippings also allow you to skip the initial stages of growing and remove the chance of your seeds failing to germinate.

THC Content – Highest Test

Blue Zkittlez cannabis has a THC content of between 15% and 20%.

In general, you can expect a THC content of 20%, with 15% being considered the very end of the scale. It is rare to find buds that have a THC content of higher than 20%.

The strain’s slightly higher than average THC levels are thought to be the reason that Blue Zkittlez’s effect take hold so quickly and develop at a fast pace. It is also one of the reasons why many of the strain’s side effects occur.

How does the CBD content of Blue Zkittlez compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Blue Zkittlez could have a CBD content of 1%. Given that Blue Zkittlez has an average to high level of THC, a 1% CBD content is about average. It is rare to find a strain that has both a high CBD and THC content, with many people expecting Blue Zkittlez to not even contain 1% CBD.

Despite the strain’s low levels of CBD, it still manages to have a number of powerful medical benefits. A combination of the strain’s physical sedation from its indica lineage and its uplifting sativa high, make Blue Zkittlez ideal for treating a wide range of medical conditions

Why might you want to use Blue Zkittlez for medicinal purposes?

Medical Benefits of the Blue Zkittlez Strain

One of the main reasons that people use Blue Zkittlez as a medical strain is to treat pain – both mild and chronic. Blue Zkittlez almost instantly numbs your entire body, acting as a natural painkiller. When you take it in smaller doses, Blue Zkittlez can still be extremely effective while also allowing you to continue with your day as normal. Blue Zkittlez is particularly popular among those who suffer from arthritis and/or chronic back pain.

Blue Zkittlez is ideal for use during the evening to treat insomnia caused by stress and pain. The mentally calming effects that occur when smoking Blue Zkittlez leave you feeling relaxed and peaceful. Meanwhile, the physically numbing effects of the strain calm your body, allowing it to drift into sleep easily.

Even when insomnia is not due to a physical condition or mental stress, Blue Zkittlez can make sleep much easier to achieve. The strain’s sedative effects are particularly strong when smoking larger doses.

The appetite enhancing effects of Blue Zkittlez makes it ideal for those who are suffering from anorexia and other eating disorders. The mentally calming effects of Blue Zkittlez also make it easier to overcome food-related anxieties.

Blue Zkittlez can be useful as a way to manage mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety. Even just a few puffs of Blue Zkittlez push worrying and anxiety-inducing thoughts to the back of your mind. Blue Zkittlez has similar effects for those who suffer from depression, allowing you to process thoughts clearly and positively.

As is the case with most strains, Blue Zkittlez has a number of side effects that it is always important to be aware of. What can you expect with Blue Zkittlez?

Possible Side Effects of the Blue Zkittlez Strain

The side effects that can occur when smoking Blue Zkittlez are relatively mild when compared to other strains with a similar THC content. The main effects that people experience, especially when smoking Blue Zkittlez, is dry mouth. While annoying, dry mouth has no long-lasting effects and can easily be managed by staying hydrated.

Dry eyes is another mild side effect that can be annoying but poses no real health concern and lasts a few hours at most. Dry eyes can cause your eyes to appear red and puffy while also feeling dry and irritated.

The slightly higher than average THC content of Blue Zkittlez can result in sudden a sudden dizzy feeling leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Dizziness is much more likely to occur when taking Blue Zkittlez in complicated, hectic situations, making everything feel as though everything is racing around you.

While unlikely, some people find that Blue Zkittlez increases anxiety and, in some cases, even causes anxious thoughts that were not present before. Those who have a low THC tolerance or who already suffer from anxiety are much more likely to be affected in this way by Blue Zkittlez.

Many people will be surprised to learn that although Blue Zkittlez is an effective pain reliever in a small number of cases, it can cause headaches. Dehydration and low THC content are thought to be the main cause of headaches when smoking Blue Zkittlez.

Final Thoughts on the Blue Zkittlez Strain

Blue Zkittlez is the perfect way to end a long day, clearing your mind and relaxing your body all at the very same time. With a tasty flavor profile that manages to pack many layers of complexity, it is hard not to love Blue Zkittlez for its flavor alone.

A fun recreational strain and an effective medical strain, Blue Zkittlez has a little something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a way to wind down after a stressful day or to treat chronic pain, Blue Zkittlez is sure to please.

Why not try Blue Zkittlez for yourself and enjoy a mellow evening in, either with a few close friends or for some truly relaxing alone time?

Everything you need to know about Blue Zkittlez cannabis strain, including effects, medicinal benefits, growing information, and more.