blue lime pie strain

Review: Skord Marijuana – Blue Lime Pie

Location: Battleground, WA

Grow Method/Medium: Soil

Taste: Blueberry, Citrus, Sweet

Aroma: Berry, Zest, Baked

Mood: Relaxed, Floaty, Sleepy

First Impression

This bud from Skord Marijuana broke down like a dream. I went without a grinder because it was so velvety and delightful to just pull apart in my hands. The outside was covered in a frosty little blanket, when I cracked the buds open the colors inside were laced with a lovely bit of purple. I broke out the hempwick for this one and I’m glad I did so as to do the handy work from Skord justice. My initial taste fresh off the greens was reminiscent of a blueberry muffin. Being the cross of Blue Power and Key Lime Pie, I would actually have guessed that the citrus punch of Key Lime Pie would overshadow the blueberry, but not the case. The sweetness made for the perfect treat of a profile.

The early part of the high was nice, but for me, pretty anti-social. Of course, not everybody reacts the same way to the same strain and there’s always the variable of your pre-smoking mood beforehand. That being said, it did feel strong enough to mention. Blue Lime Pie from Skord has Seth Rogan movie and snuggling up in a blanket vibes. The chill factor faded in pretty quickly and had me wondering how early is too early to go to bed.

10 Minutes In

This bud has both beauty and substance. (As you can see in these killer macro shots.) My body felt so relaxed I kept catching myself slouching. Not quite a K.O. like UW Purple or a solid 9 Lb. Hammer, but definitely has a sedation factor. Steer clear of Blue Lime Pie if you care about looking high. My eyelids felt weighted and I’m positive it showed in my face.

Final Verdict

Blue Lime Pie is like the sweatpants of cannabis strains. Mega comfy, peaceful, and relaxing, Blue Lime Pie from Skord is the wind-down that your tough day deserves. This would be a great strain to have on hand for when you feel like going out, but you’re broke. A couple bowls in you’ll be plenty okay with staying home.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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Skord regularly brings the fire and has earned their reputation as a staff favorite. From Battleground, WA to our Renton and Auburn locations.

Blue lime pie strain

Blue Lime Pie is a cross between Key Lime Pie x Blue Power. A 60/40, Indica dominant hybrid, this super flavorful nugget had an amazing berry taste. The specific berry flavor was soon pinpointed as a fresh pack of Berry Flavored Skittles. The flavor profile was accompanied by the sweet aroma and taste of kush, my favorite. The Sweet and Sour Kush flavors from the Cookies’ genetics also excited my tongue.

Blue Lime Pie tested in at 19.2% THC and 0.5% CBD and packed a visual uppercut. The frostiness on this strain was a delightful treat. It had a unique mint color that stood out at first glance. Instantly, I knew, that this little frosty nugget would be my best friend.

Within just a few puffs from the vape, I was in love. I felt super relaxed and very unmotivated. First, I noticed a very heavy cottonmouth set in. It was clear that this was a major side effect that would need to be rectified with 16 ounces of water as soon as possible. After fixing my cotton chops I was able to focus on the matter at hand and that was trying to finish this review.

I would recommend that most users find their balance between Indicas and Sativas. This strain might not be a first-time user’s best choice. I felt super lazy, and the combination of a super heavy body high and head high, might not the be the best for beginner smokers. Get your liquids ready because you are going to need them for this strain. Recommended for pain relief, muscle spasms, and to help build your appetite. (: 7.1/8

Blue lime pie strain Blue Lime Pie is a cross between Key Lime Pie x Blue Power. A 60/40, Indica dominant hybrid, this super flavorful nugget had an amazing berry taste. The specific berry flavor