biodome seed starter

Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit

Best in Class Seed Starting Kit!

Park Seed’s Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit lets you start the exact variety, color and amount you need for any fruit, vegetable or flower garden. With the Bio Dome, you can control the temperature, light and soil mix to ensure your seeds become strong for transplant.

Park Seed’s Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit germinates all seeds—and everything you need is included in this easy to use kit. The best part? There’s no mess or waste with our Bio Sponges which take the place of soil for better results and less hassle.

The clear plastic seed starter dome allows you to control the temperature and humidity level, and the deep planting block allows for the growth of strong root systems (with no spiraling!). The result is healthy, deep-rooted plants for the garden with minimal transplant shock. These strong, durable mini greenhouses are built to last, so you can reuse your Bio Dome Seed Starter Kit year after year! Plus, these indoor greenhouses make the perfect gift for your favorite gardener.

Start growing seeds successfully with Bio Domes systems and supplies. These kits include everything needed to grow healthy, deep-rooted plants for your garden.

Biodome seed starter

I find that these kinds of grow kits marketed to newbie gardeners probably help boost their gardening confidence early on. Many may not understand that they could sow seeds directly in the ground or winter sow. If you don’t know that a seed starter bio-dome isn’t a necessity for starting plants from seed, you probably also don’t know that you can use many items you already have around the house instead of buying a grow kit.

The humidity levels inside a bio-dome help the seed sprout in a couple of different ways. For the most part, seed need warm temperatures to sprout. Humid air is warmer than dry are, the humidity inside a closed container like this helps the seed germinate by making the air inside slightly warmer than the air outside the box. The humidity also keeps the seeds and seedling mix from drying out which contributes to the germination rates of the seeds and ultimately to the feelings of accomplishment of the gardener.

I used this plastic bin as a seed starting bio-dome to start seeds for lettuce “Garden Babies,” basil “Cameo,” and marigolds “Yellow Splash” that were given to me for free by Renee’s Garden to trial and write about as part of a communal seed starting project.

Give new life to plastic storage boxes by turning them into bio-dome seed starters.