biggun outdoors

Biggun outdoors

Seeing the chimney far away, feeling close, floating beer, barbecue

but reality Tell you, beer is open, barbecue, please find another

beer advertisements and posters of various ages, actually a bit embarrassing, want to come to the sequela of the white lover chocolate factory dessert meal, hungry

if Its not a Japanese word that I dont understand on the poster. I think its like the poster that I saw in the old streets of Tunxi and the old cat who was basking in the sun before the sunset

Tips: I also want to come. The food watchers noticed that when you enter the beer museum, you will see a reception desk where you can reserve a dinner at the three barbecue halls such as Genghis Khan barbecue in advance. You can save a lot of queue time. Remember to make an appointment when you enter the door. Make an appointment when you enter the door

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