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The 20 trippiest Cannabis world records

Tom Farmer
Tom Farmer
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Setting a target and achieving it are two worlds apart. The same case applies to get recognized in any world record. Probably you didn’t know that there are marijuana world records, and you would be curious to learn today.

Notably, achieving these was undeniably a pipedream for many, and not every record holder was even sure that they could do it. So, who or what beat all the odds and had their name appearing in the official marijuana records? Let’s behold that below.

1. The Largest Cannabis Producer

Afghanistan set the cannabis world record on 31 st March 2010 to produce the most enormous amounts of cannabis. This saw to it that Afghanistan appeared in the Guinness Book of Records, where she produced 3,850 cannabis tons, or if you like, 7,700,000 cheeba pounds.

2. Largest Blunt

The Bazooka Blunt is said to be the most gigantic blunt. Weighing 5 pounds, it maneuvered its way into cannabis world records in 2017 and appeared like a rocket launcher. It was for the first time revealed during the Los Angeles 10 th anniversary bash for the Herbal Remedies Dispensary. When the time to smoke came, it took a whopping 4 hours.

3. Longest-ever rolled joint

At the Harvest Cup in 2017, in Worcester, Massachusetts, it is where the longest-ever rolled joint record was set. The joint was 100-foot-long, and it took approximately 40 adults to roll a thousand grams of weed into the joint.

4. Most Expensive Cannabis Seeds

A crossing between Granddaddy Purple, Green Ribbon, and Tahoe Alien brought about the existence of the Fruity Pebbles cannabis strain. The seeds are described to have been sold in 2012 anywhere between $1000 and $1500 per pack. The flower is unique, with technicolor.

5. Largest Cannabis Drug Haul

The most massive marijuana drug haul in the world record was set on 9 th June 2008 in Afghanistan. It weighed 261.25 tons, which was worth €225 million.

6. Largest Hotbox

The most tremendous hotbox record was set in 2016, where some potheads made the hotbox using 800g of dab. It took a few seconds to see a smoke-filled room.

7. The Most Joints Smoked by an Individual

Irvin Rosenfeld is documented in the Guinness Book of Records for having smoked the most joints back in 2014. He had documented as having rolled joints 115,000 joints.

8. Biggest Nug

Remo is said to be the grower who grew cannabis plants with the biggest nug. In fact, some of the plants that he has grown have given rise to buds that are as enormous as his forearm and hand. Holding them upwards, you could literally take them for a bouquet of flowers.

9. Strongest World Sativa Plant

The Ghost Train Haze is the most robust Sativa strain and has won several Cannabis Cup records. This is the sativa that gets considered as the most potent and has THC levels going as high as 25-27%.

10. Biggest Weed Plant

The biggest cannabis plant ever recorded is an auto-flowering strain that yielded up to 2.48 lbs of bud. There was also the assumption that the plant would have gone up to 3lbs if at all the buds had the best level of moisture or if at least the plant could have been given time to finish growing.

However, the name of the plant has not been mentioned, but it has gotten described with the amount of yields it gave.

11. World’s largest illegal marijuana cultivation outdoors

In 2011, Mexican soldiers discovered illegal outdoor marijuana cultivation stretching up to 300 acres. That is a cannabis world record that has never been broken since then.

12. Most Expensive Joint

In a party hosted by the Stone Roads Farm in 2018, it is where the luxurious joint was unveiled. In this party meant to celebrate the legalization of recreational cannabis in California, the joint was auctioned for $24000.

The joint had been rolled using 24-karat gold papers for rolling. It weighed 1.5 pounds, had a length of 30 inches, and comprised premium solventless concentrate, bubble hash, and premium flower.

13. Maximum burnt marijuana concentrates amount

While marijuana concentrates are more potent than smokable flowers, there are potheads who swear by the concentrates regardless of their strength. The world’s record was set by guys who took 22grams of burnt marijuana concentrates in just 4 minutes.

14. Strongest Strain

Crossing OG Kush and Banana brought into existence a hybrid referred to as Chiquita Banana. The strain set the world cannabis record for being the most substantial strain, with 33% THC amounts.Largest Ever-smoked Dab

15. Largest Ever-smoked Dab

A revolutionary in the concentrates industry (Dab Stars) broke the marijuana world record in 2015 as being those who have smoked the largest dab. The previous record was recorded at 90 grams, but the Dab Stars set another record, where their dab was slightly above 400 grams.

16. World’s Strongest Indica

While a lot of seed breeders are doing the best they could humanly can, the Irish Cream is strain is currently the Cannabis Indica-dominant strain that gets considered as a consistent strain irrespective of the grower who cultivates it. Its THC levels average at 27%.

17. Closed room hash chamber

In Vancouver, 2015, a closed room fired up to 442grams of concentrated marijuana concentrates. Some potheads dared to smoke the hash in that enclosed chamber, and this was among the marijuana world records of all-times.

18. Oldest Cannabis Species for Products

On 17 th June 2003, China Mainland, industrial hemp, got a cannabis record for being the oldest cultivated cannabis species for different products that comprise medicine and clothing.

19. Biggest Weed Farm

The Aurora Sky in Alberta, Canada, is the biggest weed farm in the world. It is an 800,000 square foot greenhouse that has been set up on a 30-acre land.

20. Largest Medical Marijuana Farm

The world’s largest medical cannabis farm is located Niagara-on-the-Lake-farm and extends on a 32,500 square meters stretch. The thousands of ganja plants planted in the farm get divided into 17 different varieties.

What world record surprised you the most?

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