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8 Most Euphoric Strains for Intense and Long-Lasting Happiness

Euphoria is probably the most desirable effect of marijuana, and that’s understandable. We all like that feeling of elation and well-being that lets us forget about our worries and be happy, content and productive. Of course, not all weed varieties are created equal in this respect, so here’s a selection of our most euphoric strains.

Bruce Banner #3: Calm The Angry Monster Within

Bruce Banner #3, a Sativa/Indica hybrid, carries OG and Diesel genetics, both famous for their upbeat qualities and mellow body buzz. The outstanding flavors of earth, fuel and citrus further enhance these all-round euphoric feelings – and the yields of up to 800g/m2 (2.5 oz/ft2), coupled with its 28% THC, means you’ll get a lot of euphoric bang for your buck!

Amherst Sour Diesel: Pump Yourself Up

Amherst Sour Diesel is your ultimate fuel for fun and euphoria – an 80% Sativa-dominant variety that’s ideal for wake-and-bake sessions, usage throughout the day, and going to a party or club. Newbies, beware: with 27% THC, this is some extremely potent stuff, so instead of a burst of energy, you might slip into a ‘medically-induced coma’ and miss out on all the action if you overindulge.

Blue Dream: More Energizing Than Coffee

One of America’s favorites, this best-selling Sativa is your go-to source of inspiration, creativity, energy and good mood. Blue Dream, a euphoric medicine, also has a beautifully complex flavor of fruit, berries and citrus, complete with an intoxicating aroma of exotic spices and incense. Better still, the yields are so great that they’re a source of happiness in themselves.

Fruit Punch Auto: Social Enhancer Spiked With 21% THC

Fruit Punch Auto, a sweet and fruity hybrid of Skunk and Haze, is one of the best euphoric strains among autoflowers. With such a lineage, and with 80% Sativa genes in its DNA, it’s bound to be a terrific mood enhancer. Use this strain in any social setting where you want to be relaxed and talkative at the same time.

HulkBerry: A Long-Lasting Energy Booster

Get ready for HulkBerry, another version of Bruce Banner #3 in our collection, this time by Royal Queen Seeds, who tirelessly hunt for outstanding clones and adopt only the best of the best. High levels of THC (usually testing between 24 and 28%) and exquisitely sweet flavors with earthy, gassy and sour notes make this Sativa-leaning hybrid a great choice for party-goers.

Tangie’matic Auto: Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

The Tangie genetics are in the top tier of new-school marijuana, and Tangie’matic by Fast Buds is a great autoflowering reincarnation of this juicy wonder. After just 9-10 weeks from seed, it provides growers with heaps of buds that smell and taste of tangerines, are packed with 21-23% THC, and fill the body with a sense of well-being and the mind with creative euphoria.

Critical Neville Haze Auto: A High That Has No Ceiling

You may have already noticed that our most euphoric weed varieties tend to lean heavily on the Sativa side. Well, Sativa really is a mood booster, and Critical Neville Haze Auto has 90% of it. It’s practically pure, so the more you smoke these pungent and sweet buds, the higher you get. With 21% THC, it’s a must-have strain for all the thrill-seekers out there.

Gorilla Bomb: A Sweet Spot Between Uplifted and Stoned

Gorilla Bomb, this sticky, gluey, trichome-covered miracle produces heavy buds with 25% THC. It’s enough to first deliver a powerful blow to your head, making you giggle helplessly and nervously, and then to spread you thin on the couch so that you’re unable to move a muscle, while your whole being is filled to the brim with happiness – a perfect euphoric strain to end the day.

Try These Euphoric Strains To Add Some Pep To Your Step

This list of the best euphoric weed varieties we have to offer is far from comprehensive, but is an excellent starting point for any type of smoker. Whether you’re a novice or veteran, these euphoric strains will get you where you need to be: in a state of prolonged cerebral adventure in your happy place. And as an added bonus, all these plants are easy to grow, have reasonably short flowering times, and offer above-average to downright outstanding yields.

Here’s a selection of our most euphoric strains we have to offer. All these plants are easy to grow, have reasonably short flowering times, and offer above-average to downright outstanding yields