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Where to Buy Weed in Michigan? (Top Dispensary Deals of 2020)

Michigan was the 13th state to legalize medical marijuana in 2008. In November of 2018, voters in Michigan passed Proposal 1, making their home state the 10th state in America and the first in midwest to legalize recreational weed.

Official sales were planned to begin on December 1, 2019. However, due to the lack of enough supplies and locations to purchase marijuana, sales were moved to December 1, 2020. They were originally scheduled to one month later, so such a turnaround left many businesses unprepared. In order to meet the demand for adult-use supplies, medical dispensaries were allowed to transfer up to 50% of their marijuana to recreational stores.

Most towns and cities in Michigan (over 1,400) have currently postponed recreational sales, including Detroit. However, many of them are simply delaying their approval until the officials iron out legislative details in that matter. Widespread sales are expected to roll out by June 2020.

In this article, we shed light on cannabis laws in Michigan and highlight the best places to buy weed in the Great Lake State.

Is Weed Legal in Michigan?

Yes, both medical and recreational use are legal there. Under proposal 1, adults 21 and older are legally allowed to buy and possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis outside their home and up to 10 ounces in their home. Moreover, adults can grow up to 12 cannabis plants and possess no more than 15 grams of concentrate at a time.

Medical marijuana users can possess up to 16 ounces of marijuana-infused products in solid form, 7 grams of marijuana-infused product in gaseous form, or 36 fluid ounces of marijuana-infused product in liquid form. In addition, qualifying patients can also grow up to 12 marijuana plants, as long as they’re away from public view. Patients may also designate a caregiver who will buy their medicine on their behalf.

How to Qualify As a Medical Marijuana Patient in Michigan

In order to be qualified to the state’s medical-marijuana program, a person must be diagnosed with one of the following conditions:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
  • Cachexia / Wasting Syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Hepatitis C
  • Nail Patella
  • Seizures
  • Severe and chronic pain
  • Severe and persistent muscle spasms
  • Severe nausea
  • Any other medical condition approved by the Department of Community Health

Patients must obtain a written certification from a medical doctor of osteopathy. A physician must diagnose the patient with one of the above conditions, stating that in their opinion, the patient will benefit from this type of therapy.

Marijuana Consumption in Michigan

Public cannabis consumption is still prohibited in Michigan, and so is driving under the influence of weed. People must consume their herbs on private properties, even if they’re medical marijuana users.

Marijuana & Driving

As mentioned, driving under the influence of marijuana — be it from recreational or medical use — is treated in a similar way to a DUI with alcohol, although lawmakers are still trying to find a “safe range” for THC blood levels when it comes to driving. If you want to stay completely safe, don’t smoke and drive. You can use plenty of other options to commute around the city.

Marijuana & Travelling

Traveling with marijuana within the state borders is legal for recreational users, patients, and caregivers as long as their products meet certain requirements:

  • They must be kept in a sealed and labeled container
  • They must be stored in the trunk of the car

*If your car doesn’t have the trunk, you must store your weed in a location that’s not easily accessible from its interior.

Should you violate these stipulations, you can face a civil fine of up to $250.

Transporting marijuana from Michigan to other states is prohibited because cannabis falls under the Schedule I category of the Controlled Substances Act and remains illegal on the federal level. Forms of exporting include driving, shipping, boating, flying, and mailing cannabis.

Where to Buy Weed in Michigan

As mentioned, there are already a few operating dispensaries in Michigan, so if you live near one of them, you can access high-quality marijuana at affordable prices and learn from experienced budtenders who will help you set your first steps in the bush.

Below we list all marijuana dispensaries in Michigan:

Marijuana Dispensaries in Ann Arbor

Name Address
Arbors Wellness 321 East Liberty
Exclusive Ann Arbor 3820 Varsity
Greenstone Provisions 338 S Ashley St
Ann Arbor Healing 3720 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor
Om of Medicine 111 South Main, Ann Arbor
Skymint 1958 South Industrial Highway, Ann Arbor

Marijuana Dispensaries in Morenci

Name Address
Michigan Supply and Provisions 1096 East Main
Pinnacle Emporium 1098 East Main, Morenci

Marijuana Dispensaries in Evart

Name Address
Lit Provisioning Center 600 West 7th, Evart

Marijuana Dispensaries in Bay County

Name Address
Roots 3557 Wilder Road, Bay City
Nature’s Medicines 3480 E, North Union Road, Bay City

Marijuana Dispensaries in Negaunee

Name Address
The Fire Station 162 Heritage DR, Negaunee

Marijuana Dispensaries in Chesaning

Name Address
Releaf Center for Compassionate Care 144 W Broad, Chesaning

Marijuana Dispensaries in Burton

Name Address
The Barn 3941 East Bristol, Burton

Marijuana Dispensaries in Battle Creek

Name Address
WMAMS 330 E Columbia Ave Suite 2, Battle Creek

Marijuana Dispensaries in Jackson

Name Address
Choice Labs 3331 Page Ave, Jackson
20 Past 4 3590 Ann Arbor Road, Jackson

Marijuana Dispensaries in River Rouge

Name Address
1st Quality Medz 286 Burke Street, River Rouge

Where to Buy Weed Online in Michigan

Since weed is legal in Michigan and recreational sales are rolling out across its cities, you may be wondering whether it’s possible to order your weed online.

Well, to some extent, yes.

Mail order marijuana services are unavailable in Michigan, so if your definition of online purchases is something similar to Canada, then no, you can’t buy weed online.

But, if you want to order ahead and pick your greens later in your dispensary, the answer is a sound ‘yes.’

Buying weed in Michigan this way will save you time on standing in long queues, not to mention that it’s better to order your weed ahead if you smoke rare strains or limited products.

The Best Dispensaries to Buy Weed in Michigan

There are already plenty of cannabis dispensaries in Michigan, but the quality of cannabis varies widely between one place and another. If you want to enjoy some of the finest buds and products in Michigan, below we share our top 5 locations:

1. The REEF Detroit

6640 E 8 Mile Rd Detroit, MI

The REEF offers arguably the best products, service, and prices. On top of that, they have a beautiful design and extensive menu, so it’s no wonder that people are crowding this dispensary each day. The REEF prides itself on the knowledge of their budtenders and a super-friendly atmosphere. Besides, this place is a must-visit for everybody who savors cannabis concentrates and CBD extracts.

2. Holistic Health Wayne

38110 Michigan Ave Wayne, MI

Holistic Health was the first licensed dispensary to open in Michigan, and it has been providing medical patients with high-quality cannabis flowers, edibles, and concentrates ever since. The staff is known for having great knowledge about the medical aspect of using cannabis and they’re always glad to help patients. Holistic Health Wayne also offers generous discounts, weekly giveaways, and events for its community members, where every patient can receive a weed gift. We recommend their edibles and THC/CBD patches.

3. Green Genie Inc.

24600 West McNichols, Detroit, MI

This friendly retail store offers one of the largest selections of award-winning products, including flower, wax, edibles, vapes, topicals, and more. The team at Green Genie is known for their passion for the herb as well as for their compassionate attitude towards customers. Often called the most elite medical marijuana caregiver center in Michigan, this place creates ripe opportunities for cannaisseurs interested in premium strains and weed-infused goods.

Final Thoughts on Buying Weed in Michigan

During the first days of recreational ales, weed marijuana dispensaries sold more than $200,000 worth of product. Considering the setbacks on the road to rolling out retail sales, this is a decent score.

As the east coast leader in legalization, Michigan sets the bar high for other states, both when it comes to their laws surrounding cannabis and the quality of weed.

Where do you buy weed in Michigan? Do you order ahead from online dispensaries? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Michigan legalized in November 2018. This year, recreational sales have finally begun. Read our guide to find out where to buy the best weed in Michigan.