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These Indoor String Lights Will Totally Transform Your Bedroom Or Reading Nook

Lighting is a key element when it comes to eliciting a certain mood, and string lights are especially great for cozy, whimsical, industrial, or festive spaces. The best indoor string lights (also known as fairy lights) will largely depend on the type of aesthetic you’re going for; bulb size, type, color, and warmth are mostly a matter of preference. Still, there are a few important factors that’ll help you narrow down your options.

First, the difference between indoor lights and outdoor lights really only matters if you’re planning on using them outdoors. For the yard, you’ll need something waterproof and weatherproof, but for inside, those features are a convenience — not a necessity. Feel free to decorate with either one inside the home, the exception being solar outdoor lights; when used inside, these likely won’t get enough sunlight to power themselves.

It’s also extremely important to note the length of the strand and the amount of lights you’re getting for the cost. A $12 price tag might initially seem like a good deal — until you realize the strand is 10 feet long and has barely any bulbs. Measure out your space or potential hanging area before you start shopping. String lights can’t be cut without damaging the wiring, and most can’t be combined end-to-end on the same strand.

Finally, consider the power source. Your standard string lights are likely going to have a plug for an AC wall outlet. The more technologically advanced ones may offer a USB plug instead, which allows you to use an AC outlet alongside a charging block, but can also be powered via a laptop or power bank. Last but not least, some options run off batteries or — even better — rechargeable batteries, so you’re not limited by outlet proximity when decorating. (Since the power source is one of the most important factors for shoppers, the best string lights on this list are largely organized using that criteria.)

Lighting is a key element when it comes to eliciting a certain mood, and string lights are especially great for cozy, whimsical, industrial, or festive spaces. The best indoor string lights (also known as fairy lights) will largely depend on the…

The 9 Best String Lights for Bedrooms

Add a magical glow to your sleeping space

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here . We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

String lights aren’t just for holidays, weddings, and outdoor decor. They can actually go a long way in providing a warm, ambient glow in almost any room of your home—especially bedrooms. And while some are certainly more ideal for kids and teens, many modern options are anything but juvenile.

So, what are the best string lights for bedrooms? The answer depends on your existing decor, personal preferences, and ultimate vision for illuminating your sleeping quarters.

Here, the best string lights for bedrooms.

Best Overall: KooPower 200 LED Indoor String Light with Remote and Timer

In terms of quality, adjustability, length, and convenience, the best string lights for bedrooms are the KooPower LED Indoor String Lights. This set is a whopping 69 feet long and comes with 200 warm white LED lights. It’s long enough to wrap around your curtain rods, install around the perimeter of your ceiling, illuminate a full walk-in closet, or hang anywhere you want to achieve a cozy, decorative glow.

These KooPower string lights plug into a standard outlet and come with a remote control, allowing you to turn them off and on, select from various modes, and dim the brightness. There’s also a built-in timer with a memory function, which automatically turns the lights on during the hours you want and back off during the hours you don’t use them.

Best Colorful: PBteen Rainbow Waterfall String Lights

If you want to add a bit of color to your room, check out the Rainbow Waterfall String Lights from Pottery Barn Teen. This chain is 59 inches long and 50 inches wide. It has 16 strings, each with 16 LED lights that transition through every color of the rainbow, starting with red on top and ending with purple on the bottom. PBteen also has an Ombre Purple option with shades of pink, purple, and blue.

These cascading waterfall string lights are made of recycled materials and are powered by a standard two-prong plug. They’re perfect for adding a burst of calming color to a kid’s or teen’s bedroom, or even a college dorm. Using the included hook, you can hang them over a doorway, window, headboard, or vanity —or just use them as a wall decoration.

Best Shapes: Twinkle Star 100 LED Star String Lights

For some extra character, you might consider the Twinkle Star String Lights. You’ll get 100 star-shaped LED lights, each about 1.4 inches wide with durable, waterproof plastic construction. Choose from bright white, warm white, blue, or multi-color. The lights are spaced about 4 inches apart across a 33-foot strand.

This set plugs into a wall and can be extended with up to 9 additional strings. Since they’re LEDs, these string lights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. There are nine different modes for the lights, including waves, sequential, slow glow, flashing, slow fade, twinkle, and combination, as well as standard on and off.

Best LED: SkrLights G40 LED String Lights

With the SkrLights G40 LED String Lights, you’ll get a 25-foot string with 27 globe bulbs, each of which offers 0.6W of illumination. Each bulb is about 1.5 inches wide, just slightly smaller than a golf ball. You can connect up to 28 strands with the dual-ended plug and connector. And each bulb has its own clip, making it easy to hang them in your bedroom.

These LED globes are 90% more energy-efficient than standard lights and provide up to 30,000 hours of use. But that’s not all—each of the bulbs is shatterproof. This means you don’t have to worry about dropping them on hard floors, and it makes storage much easier. Since these string lights are designed for outdoor use, they’re also weatherproof. They have candelabra-style screw bases, too, which makes it easy to replace individual bulbs if needed.

Best Fairy Lights: Ebern Designs LED Bulb Fairy String Light

Fairy string lights are delicate, versatile, and charming, and you can expect no less from the Ebern Designs Bulb Fairy String Lights. This set is available in eight colors: warm white, orange, red, blue, green, pink, purple, and multi-color. It comes with 100 micro LED lights, which are spaced 4 inches apart across a 33-foot copper wire cord.

The copper wire makes it easy to twist the string into various shapes and configurations. Some people opt to coil the cord and place it in a mason jar for a chic DIY indoor lantern. This set is powered by a standard outlet plug, which is 36 inches from the last fairy light. Also, the energy-efficient individual bulbs won’t heat up even when they’re left on for hours.

Best Globe Lights: The Party Aisle LED Bulb Globe String Light

If you’re partial to globe lights, we recommend the Bulb Globe String Light from The Party Aisle. This set comes with the option of warm white or multi-color pendant lights. You’ll get 100 round, retro bulbs in total across 33 feet of PC-coated copper string. The lights themselves are .75 inches wide and are spaced about 3.5 inches apart.

This string light set is powered through a traditional plug and socket, and you can connect up to five sets to hang around your bedroom. Plus, there are eight different lighting modes to choose from. With LED chips, the lights only use 6W of energy and can provide up to 50,000 hours of warm, relaxing illumination without overheating.

Best Budget: Anjaylia LED Fairy String Lights

If you want a budget-friendly option for sprucing up your bedroom lighting, we suggest the Anjaylia LED Fairy String Lights. You’ll get 30 extra-bright firefly lights on 10 feet of wire. And with battery operation, the set is much more versatile than many plug-in options. It takes three AA batteries (not included) and has a handy on/off switch right on the battery box.

The ultra-thin wire is lightweight and flexible yet sturdy, allowing you to create a wide range of decorations, like wrapping the lights around a plant. Since the fairy bulbs are LED, they boast a lifespan of 20 years or more and use a fraction of the energy as standard string lights. There are nine colors to choose from, including warm white, white, multi-color, blue, green, red, purple, pink, and orange. You can also get longer strings for a slightly higher price.

Best Curtain: SupplyFlora LED Window Curtain Lights

Curtain string lights can look really lovely in bedrooms. If this is the vibe you’re going for, take a look at the LED Window Curtain Lights from the SupplyFlora Etsy shop. This set has 300 lights, which cascade down ten strings spaced 11.8 inches apart. It’s 6.6 feet wide and 9.8 feet long, making it ideal for draping in bedrooms with large windows or tall ceilings.

This handmade set can be plugged directly into a standard outlet. However, you’ll need to use your own USB adapter, as it doesn’t come with an attached plug. It has eight different settings: waves, sequential, slogs, flashing, flow fade, combination, and steady on.

Best for Kids: Urban Outfitters Pompom LED String Lights

If you’re looking for something for a child’s bedroom, the Pompom LED String Light set from Urban Outfitters is an excellent choice. It has cheerful pompoms in teal, pink, yellow, and orange, plus 12 white LED globe lights.

These lights run on three AA batteries (not included), so they can be hung virtually anywhere in a bedroom, no outlet needed. Drape them over a dresser, around a mirror, across a doorway, or around bedposts. This set is also ideal for a tween or teen’s room.

The perfect string lights for bedrooms are safe and emit a warm, ambient glow. We researched the best lights so you can add a little ambiance to your room.