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9 Best CBD Wraps – Read Before Buying!

There are several ways people like to consume hemp flowers. Many consumers of marijuana and cannabis often prefer to take the more traditional approach of pounding the marijuana flower into a powdery form. Most people just roll it into a joint, a blunt, or stash it in a pipe, and they’re good to go. Although there are several producers of pre-rolled joints and blunts, most consumers of cannabis cannot just forfeit the unexplainable pleasure they derive from rolling cannabis blunts on their own. Traditional rolling papers are usually thin, while blunt wraps are a little thicker, with a bit of tobacco or nicotine.

The use of cannabis has been prohibited for a very long time in America until recently. Now that cannabis can be enjoyed by its lover, the next prevalent issue is that of methodology. What is the best way to consume the cannabis plant? Some people enjoy smoking pots, while others a fan of powdered substances. Others go as far as injecting it into their system. But, the most common way to consume cannabis is through smoking. The habit of smoking goes several hundreds of years back. And, blunts have been used for a while. Although, there are records of some ancient civilizations who smoked with pipes. In our age, we see new smoking trends especially with e-cigarettes and other related products. But most people still prefer traditional paper blunts.

Today, most cannabis consumers are now beginning to consider a much delightful alternative to burning papers. As much as smoking is not as healthy as working out in the gym, these wraps still prove to be a safer way to consume legal cannabis.

Finding the best rolling product can be quite challenging, especially if you have no idea what you’re looking for, or what they are. Most people ask if CBD can make one ‘high’. Well, we’ve got the answer to that in this article. So, read on as we introduce you to the world of CBD.

What is a CBD Wrap?

Some call them wraps, some say rolls or blunts, they are all a similar method of smoking powered tobacco or marijuana flowers. They are rolling papers made out of industrial hemp. They are quite special due to the residue of cannabinoids and terpenes found in them. In fact, some companies add extra cannabinoids to get the same organic benefits.

These rolls burn slower, with an organic flavor. They can also come in pre-wrapped forms in a cone-like shape. They can be enjoyed with cannabis flowers, marijuana, tobacco, and other herbs.

Why Use CBD Wraps?

They are best enjoyed due to their slow-burning. This way, you can enjoy a sustainable smoking experience and preserve it. So, you can get enough of what you want for now, and keep the remainder for another time.

Using naturally-made products gives you a more enjoyable experience with increased benefits. Although it is hard to tell how much cannabinoid content is in a roll its presence makes it one of the choicest ways to smoke.

What’s the Difference Between CBD wraps and Blunt Wraps?

Think of it this way: hemp-based rolls are basically the same as blunts, just without the nicotine and tobacco part. Blunt products, or ditches, are tobacco laced papers used for rolling joints. If you enjoy inhaling the tar-filled puffs of tobacco, these wraps won’t give you that.

Both products have similar features. They both come in different sizes, flavors, and prices. They can both be used to roll and smoke any type of herbs. But hemp products are considered as a healthier and more organic approach to smoking cannabis or marijuana.

They are produced with 100% organic hemp. However, the same cannot be said for blunts. They are also free from pesticides, fertilizers, and growth stimulants. They also tend towards being free from toxic adhesives, which are often found in blunts. All of these make them a better option than regular blunts.

Choosing the 9 Best CBD Wraps

Now that you have all the facts at your fingertips, let’s check out our top 9 list of the best hemp-based products in the market.

1. CannaWraps by Dank Industries

Eco-friendly and organic products are the key traits of Dank Industries. They produce their domestically-grown American hemp. Their production process is pollution, synthetic chemicals, and toxins free. Their products are infused with natural terpenes; they are meticulously produced and hand-processed with zero-emission power sources. It is totally tobacco-free and comes with honey, mixed berry, and grape flavor. It is also available in natural flavor.

You can access these highly sustainable rolls with a small investment of $20.00 for a box of 48. Or, you could purchase a package of two for $1.20.

2. Chocolate CBD wrap by Lion Rolling Circus

If you love chocolate and hemp, then this one is for you. Lion Rolling Circus produces some of the best and most creative. Their products come in a great package with an amazing design that makes it fun to use. Although they have a variety of flavors, a lot of people still find the chocolate the most exciting ever. It has a very smooth seal and burns slowly. You can enjoy this exquisite product for just $23.50 for a box of 50, or you could get two for a dollar.

3. High Hemp Organic Wraps

The Netherlands is known for a lot of things, and supplying amazing hemp products is one of them. This product is 100% tobacco-free. They are also GMO and gluten-free, making them a certified organic product. It also comes with a filter tip. The Netherlands-made product costs $35 per box.

4. Grapeaid Organic Wraps by High Hemp

These organic and green rolls are made from hemp plants grown domestically. Because of the organic growth, their wraps are fortified with cannabinoid extracts. They come in mango, honey, lemon, and natural flavors. They have no trace of pesticide, growth stimulants, and other harmful chemicals. They are quite vegan-friendly, gluten, and GMO-free. The company has a strong reputation for producing high-quality products.

You enjoy these organic rolls for just $34.99 for a box of 50. The box also comes with 50 tips. You can also purchase 6 plus tips for $4.99.

5. Lit Culture Premium CBD wraps

The Atlanta-made rolls come in natural, Miami Mango, Sweet Georgia Peach, Paradise Express, and Russian Cream flavors. While there is no express statement as to the content, the manufacturers reveal that they come filled with organic hemp. This means that there is a good dose of natural cannabinoids in them. The products come in double layers that improve grip, even as you enjoy the slow-paced burn of the wrap.

Regardless of your desired flavor, the product costs $33.00 for a box of 25 double-pouches.

6. Erba Wraps by CBD Rollie

With 11% CBD content, they are one of the choicest picks in the market. Its amazing features improve the smoking experience. They are made out of 100% hemp, no paper. Sculpted from organically grown hemp flowers using the CO2 process. It contains natural cannabinoid and terpene extracts.

With $5.99, you can get two of these amazing products.

7. CBD Flower Erba Wraps

They are made of a hemp flower-based process. They are made to give consumers a natural satisfaction with long-lasting burn duration. You can get a single one with just $7.

8. Sweet Georgia Peach Premium CBD wraps by Lit Culture

Get ready for the ultimate smoking experience with the double-layered Sweet Georgia Peach from Lit Culture. With its chemical-free content, consumers are assured of sweet smoking pleasure. With $32.50, you can get a box of 25 or a package of two for just $1.50.

9. CBD Rollie Kief Cone

The company offers a pre-rolled sequel to its product with easy-to-fill use. One king-sized cone of the Kief Cone contains 25 mg of CBD, coated with terpene oil and cannabis flower. You can enjoy a good organic smoke on a really stressful day without going through the hassle of rolling it yourself.


Do blunt wraps have nicotine?

Yes, they do. Blunts often come with nicotine or tobacco content. Some consumers turn to organic hemp rolls once they get worried about taking in too much nicotine or tobacco.

Do CBD wraps get you higher?

Although it contains traces of the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound, you cannot get high. Except for the ones stuffed with marijuana flowers, there is a high likelihood that you won’t fail a drug test just smoking CBD alone.

Do high CBD wraps contain CBD?

Yes, they do. Their unique properties come from the CBD in the rolls.

Are CBD blunt wraps bad for you?

They have a milder effect on the body than regular blunts. However, heavy or chronic smoking or inhalation of anything other than oxygen opens you up to a lot of health issues.

With CBD hemp wraps becoming more popular, many people begin to consider them as a better way to consume cannabis. We have reviewed some of the best products in the market.