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Best Greenhouse Cover: Cannabis

Polyweave Greenhouse Cover –Photo Credit

Do a quick Google search and you will find pages on pages of sources explaining the benefits of growing cannabis in a greenhouse. Best of all, you get the controlled environment of indoor with the free light of outdoor. In a greenhouse, the main thing standing between the crop and the almighty sun is the greenhouse cover. This is why it’s important to choose a cover that’s best for your specific growing needs.

If cannabis is your forte, then I suggest you use a woven poly greenhouse cover because it promotes high light transmission and high light diffusion.

When you’re thinking of a cover think of light. Not all light is the same, and your plants do respond differently to the light they receive. There are UVA/UVB, blue, green, and red/far red/ infrared light spectrums that affect cannabis growth.For the most part there is no one light that is best for growing cannabis as they each produce different results at the different growth stages. However, you can increase your yields with more light even if it is the “wrong spectrum,” which is why high transmittance is important for your greenhouse cover.

Direct transmittance is the portion of light that passes through the cover. Having a high light transmission percentage signifies that the cover will let though a high amount of light. Diffuse transmittance is the portion of light that gets scattered by the cover. This is important because it allows for deeper light penetration ensuring that all the plants receive equally intense light. Below is an example of a cover that does not diffuse light (left), and a cover that does diffuse light (right). You can see that in the left image there are shadows and the right image there are no shadows.

Polyweave Greenhouse Cover -Photo Credit Do a quick Google search and you will find pages on pages of sources explaining the benefits of growing cannabis in a greenhouse. Best of all, you get the controlled environment of indoor with the free light of outdoor. In a greenhouse, the main thing standing between the crop and the…

Cannabis Greenhouse Covering

Cannabis flowers near harvest in a Solexx Greenhouse

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Solexx greenhouse covering is best option for Cannabis

Don’t take it from us, here is what a Medical Marijuana grower says about using Solexx Greenhouse Covering for Cannabis production:

“What if I told you there is a product out there that not only provides privacy for your outdoor garden, but does so while providing unsurpassed growth comparable to that of HID lighting (without the hefty power bill). Would you believe me? I invite you to take a look at a product called Solexx.”
— – GreenWolfe

Solexx, developed in the late 1980’s by a plant scientist, is a grower’s favorite because it works. In her book: Grassland, H. Lee visually documents the images of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle. One of her stunning images of a hillside covered in coastal fog, shows the ideal environment for ripening buds. Solexx growers see it every day in their greenhouse–plants bathed in the bright white, diffuse light of Solexx. With Solexx, you get the best of Humbolt County perfection with the control and privacy of an indoor grow.

These are just a few reasons experienced Cannabis growers choose Solexx:

  • 100% Diffused light for accelerated, uniform plant growth
  • Reduce use of costly HID and High Pressure Sodium lighting
  • Best insulation means lower energy costs and better bottom line
  • Translucent covering – increased security and privacy
  • More usable growing space – no hot spots, shadows or plant stress
  • No reduction in light transmission over the life of the covering
  • Versatile – can be installed on any style of greenhouse frame
  • Quick payback on investment
  • 10 year UV warranty against UV breakdown
  • Protect your crops in heavy snow, wind and hail.
  • Qualifies for utility rebates in some areas due to high R-value

Give us a call at 877.476.5399 or email us to learn more about Solexx, obtain a sample and get a personalized quote for your greenhouse.

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Medical Marijuana Cultivators Say “YES!” to Solexx

…Continued from GreenWolfe quote above

“Solexx works for MMJ cultivators in numerous ways. Like most other greenhouses, it provides an impressive degree of insulation to keep your plants warm and dry. Forget about the wind, rain, snow, or cold fronts; a properly constructed Solexx greenhouse is durable and will allow you to provide optimum protection from the elements.

But why use Solexx over other greenhouse material? The answer is light diffusion. Solexx is constructed with twin-walls that are ribbed to break direct sunlight down into diffused light. For you fair skinned growers out there; have you ever gone to the beach on a foggy day and came home with a sunburn, even though the sun never even came out? Solexx technology works in the same way by breaking up direct light so that the leaves in your top canopy no longer do all the work for the rest of the plant freeloading in the shadows below. Solexx’s removal of shade in your greenhouse results in massive photosynthesis taking place at all levels of your canopy resulting in more energy conversion for nutrient processing, thus, providing you with superior growth over direct light.

As a MMJ cultivator it is hard to deny privacy and optimum growing conditions, after all most of us spend a small fortune in providing our plants with an optimum medium and nutrients for our plants to grow in, so why not provide your plants with optimum lighting conditions as well? You may learn more about Solexx by visiting their website or”

“I know how marijuana growers think….Why change what works. If I risk it and it fails, I stand to lose a lot. It took me a second to take that plunge to recover my greenhouse because at the time there was nothing for me to see to compare the Solexx to. I just had to risk it and go for it….I am very glad I did. Solexx gets the job done from vegging and budding to finish. The plant quality is just as good under the Solexx but with many more benefits over the poly solution. You get the benefits of a steady glow with no hotspots from the sun, the insulating factor is WAY better, it’s a stiffer more durable cover for your greenhouse, not as easily damaged, and a single puncture is not going to make you lose your entire insulating factor, unlike the 2 ply poly method where one single hole deflates your entire top. There are many benefits of the Solexx plastic over poly or any other covering you could use. You guys have a very high quality product.”

– S&A Medical Gardens

“If anyone has questions regarding cannabis being grown under your product feel free to give them our phone and e mail to contact us personally. Final results were not only better than expected the quality surpassed description and taking into account the ” lost” light the growth was exceptional and better than full exposure. Thank You again.”

Ele8ed Excellence, San Acacio, CO

“‘My new master grower, with 30 years experience, has used his system indoors and has also grown in hoop houses. He says the plants are bigger and are doing better than he has ever seen, which is ironic since he wasn’t sure about our greenhouses. He was hoping for an average of three ounces per plant, but now says it looks like it’s going to be more. Thank you Solexx!”

Solexx Greenhouse Covering is ideal for Cannabis growers. The diffuse light protects your crop from burning and creates a soft glow for perfect growth.