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Battle Ground Marijuana News & Events

A Cannabis Black Market is Still Alive & Well

You may be wondering why an article about black market cannabis is still relevant during a time of continued marijuana support and legalization. While there are more states than ever with improved cannabis laws and regulations, illegal sales and dist.

Recent Lawsuit to Reschedule Marijuana from Schedule 1

Marijuana is now legal for medical use in 33 states and legal for recreational consumption in 11. The wave of decriminalization and acceptance of cannabis continues to grow across the country and across the globe. However, one ominous dark cloud cont.

Marijuana Test Strips Give Immediate Indication Of Pot

The battle of testing for cannabis just got a whole lot easier as a new product is readily available that can detect cannabis in a moments notice. A new type of test strip has been developed for detecting many types of legal and illegal substances an.

DEA’s marijuana-eradication program still targets Washington, where (some) pot is legal

For decades, a US government agency has spent millions of dollars of taxpayer money to hunt down and eradicate a species of plant. Yes, the DEA. And it seems their efforts have been for nothing as there are now more adult marijuana smokers in the US .

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