bat guano for cannabis

Best way to apply bat guano??


If you do the tea, try grinding it up to a powder, if its not already and then mix it with fish emulsion. it will make it pastey, helps liquefy the guano.

The cooking it in soil amendments is best, considering the time of break down

on top dressing, I use a mulch on mine. so sprinkle the guano on the mulch and keep moist. the fungi/bacteria will feed on that and break down the top dressing and add nutes to your micro roots on the surface. it is a long process, that’s why you do it when plants are young and trough whole cycle. don’t need much.

Sooo I'm just wondering whats the best way to apply and get the most out of your bat guano. Right now I'm using SUNLEAVES jamacain bat guano, and it says it…