auto bubble gum

Auto Bubble Gum Feminized

Auto Bubble Gum Feminized type of feminized autoflowering cannabis that is very stable. The plant is short, it has a few branches and big, resin-filled cones. Its flavor is sweet, reminding one of chewing gum, and induces pleasant effects, characterized by euphoria and uplifting feelings.

Sex: Feminized
Autoflowering seeds: YES
Grows: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Height: 30 – 50 cm
Yield: 30 – 90 gr. per plant
Flowering time: 55 days
Complete life cycle: 70 days after planting
Cannabis Genetics: Bubble Gum x Ruderalis
THC: 10 – 14%
Type: In/Sa/Ru
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Auto Bubble Gum Feminized, which is obtained by crossing the famous Bubble Gum variety with a type of autoflowering marijuana, was first developed in America and then refined in the Netherlands. It is appreciated by all cultivators, irrespective of their experience in the field, especially because of the pleasant flavor and high productivity.

The plants that grow from the Auto Bubble Gum Feminized strain are short and compact, reaching a maximum height of 50 cm. As such, they are ideal for indoor environments. Even though the plants themselves are short, the resulting buds are very big and dense. Furthermore, they have a short lifecycle- approximately 10 weeks- and produce crops of up to 300-350 grams/m2.

The flavor of the plants that grow from Auto Bubble Gum Feminized seeds is very sweet, reminding one of chewing gum. Their effects are uplifting and strong, and they are usually experienced on a physical level. The plant can also be used for medical purposes, as it helps alleviate pains and reduce stress. Regardless of whether you are an amateur cultivator or an experienced one, this variety will surprise you thanks to its flavor and effects, as well as its productivity.

THC 10 – 15 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 0 – 50 cm
Harvest 0 – 350 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru In/Sa/Ru


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Auto Bubble Gum Feminized is an incredible variety of cannabis, being appreciated especially for its flavor and productivity. Buy International cannabis marijuana seeds online

Auto bubble gum

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