auto ak 47

Auto Ak 47 Feminized

Auto AK47 Feminized is a variety of feminized, autoflowering marijuana that boasts all of the qualities one might look for in a feminized strain. The plant that grows from these seeds is compact and has big cones, which stand out due to their sweet aroma. Its lifecycle is short, amounting to 70 days after germination.

65 – 70 days after planting

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Auto AK47 Feminized is a hybrid species which is created by crossing the AK47 and Ruderalis varieties. However, it preserves its main qualities: the pleasant aroma and high potency. This strain can be cultivated anywhere, including confined, unfriendly spaces such as balconies, terraces. It is appreciated by all cultivators, irrespective of their experience in the field.

After a vegetation period of approximately 2 weeks, Auto AK47 starts growing rapidly during the flowering period. Its lifecycle usually lasts approximately 70 days. This variety has leafy branches and, due to its resin-filled buds, it acquires a shiny colour when reaching maturity. It grows up to 80 cm high and produces crops of approximately 75 grams/plant.

Its sweet-spicy aroma is extremely powerful. This variety can also be used for therapeutic purposes. Even though it usually prefers well-lit spaces, it can also produce good results when cultivated in darker or precarious environments. Auto AK47 Feminized is, without a doubt, one of the most potent and resistant strains of autoflowering cannabis that you could ever try.

THC 10 – 15 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 50 – 100 cm
Harvest 350 – 500 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
The smell during flowerin Middle
Genes In/Sa/Ru Sa/Ru


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Karsai K. on 04/07/2020 Easy to grow,now im(50g dry/ plant.

Keimungsrate 100%. Die Beschreibung des Wirkprofils für diese Sorte mit “aktiv und fröhlich” ist gut getroffen. Der Erntezeitpunkt wurde bewusst vor erreichen des maximalen Ertrages gelegt (wegen der anderen Wirkung, 60-70% braune Narben und überwiegend klar bis milchige Harze). Der Ertrag belief sich für eine Pflanze auf ca. 30g Trokengewicht, wobei penibel Blätter von Blüten getrennt wurden. Die Höhe der Pflanze lag am Ende bei 134 cm nach 68 Tagen unter LED Beleuchtung (angegeben als 300W Analogon zur Natriumdampflampe). Die Harzproduktion war gut und der Geruch mit AK-Filter kein Problem. Die Lieferung war schnell und dezent. Kurz: “Alles gut”

Auto AK47 Feminized, one of the most potent types of autoflowering marijuana, will produce maximum harvest regardless of the environment it is cultivated in. Buy International cannabis marijuana seeds online


Auto AK 47 Marijuana is an autoflowering strain characterized by being very easy to grow and to have a fast flowering. It is able to thrive in any environment and is very suited for medicinal applications.

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  • Terpenes Fruity
  • Type Autoflowering
  • Flowering time Average
  • Possible medical uses Some
  • Cannabinoids Slightly active
  • Yield capacity Low
  • Height Small
  • Cultivation needs A few
  • Family AK 47

Auto AK 47 Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds

Auto AK 47 is an automatic strain of Marijuana created by crossing Loweryder 2 with the original AK-47 harboring Afghan, Mexican and Thai genetic origin. The result is a plant that harbors the two genetic lines providing a fruity aroma and a typical resin production inherited from Lowryder 2 and an average size and structure inherited from AK 47.

Auto AK 47 from Grass-O-Matic is characteryzed by being very easy to grow and to have a fast flowering, features that make it a highly searched plant. In indoors and with a 20/4 light regime it reaches its full potential while in outdoors it gives the best of itself between May and August. Of note, with Auto AK 47 you will have to collect it more than once, usually until November.

The plant remains small and compact with a maximum height of about 80cm, and is capable to thrive in any environment both outdoors and indoors without loosing the characteristic yeild from their parents – unless you cultivate it during winter, the time during which it will continue to develop but due to the reduced light regime, the production will be noticeably affected.

In only 70 days after germination, Auto AK 47 will offer you outcomes between 40 and 80 grams per plant in the garden, and large yields if planted in a growing room.

As for the effect, besides being powerful and long-lasting, it is well suited for medicinal applications. Moreover, Auto AK 47 also develops a great and invorating lemony flavor. It is indeed one automatic strain that you will not regret of having cultivated.

Sale of AK 47 autoflowering Marijuana, it takes 70 days from planting to harvesting. Very easy to grow and fast.

Aktive und fröhlich
Bryan T. on 06/11/2016