another word for smoking weed

Another word for smoking weed

They had superhuman speed and could run up my arm and jump into the weed s before I could react.

Ask any farmer or gardener and they’ll confirm that a few hours of hauling dirt, pulling weed s, and pushing seeds into soil is as exhausting as a gnarly mountain-bike ride.

Like cleaning out that garden, it will take some work, some knowledge, and the right tools thought the dirt and weed s, in this case, are purely digital.

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This competition is a trial-by-fire for mitochondria and weed s out even the slightest mismatch.

I’m thinking, like, you’re nipping weed s like … That’s funny.

He bought groceries of a hardware dealer named Davidson, at Albany, that town whence came Mr. Weed ‘s clerk.

To pluck a weed from the roadside and present it to one’s sovereign would be no better than an insult.

Well, said I, but pull it for me; there are sometimes beautiful colours in a weed .

If we must serve our time at weed ing, let us at least weed intelligently.

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