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About this product

Angus is an indica leaning hybrid with an earthy, floral aroma. It is known to be a cross of Durban Poison x Cookie Crisp.

About this brand

Grow West Cannabis Company

2 customer reviews

on September 26th, 2020

Angus by Grow West, is an Indica Dominant hybrid cross of legendary Sativa strain Durban Poison and Indica hybrid Cookie Crisp, aka Cookie Crunch, with myriad of balanced effects including an energizing and uplifting mental euphoria, increased focus and creativity, balanced by potent and stress relieving body high that soothes more than it sedates. Check out my full review at

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on July 17th, 2019

As an interesting Special the wife obtained this curious strain for a buck with purchase of. It is an odd stroll down memory lane to the cannabis akin to boutique grass, circa early 90’s. With less to compare it to back then it seemed like an end all, snake oil

esque staple in anyone’s cabinet whom can A: afford it, and B: find it. The same still holds true today unfortunately yet deservedly. what was a buck Saturday 7-6 is $40 7-12. Like Oro Blanco (another staple in our stable; it’s not heady, don’t buy it if you wish to have deep, meaningful conversations with your Bearded Dragon; it’s mostly for pain, anxiety, and seemingly extends any ‘kicker’ one may utilize; smokable or prescribed. OB RSO can decrease opioid dosages to manageable levels. too much to write about) it’s a great ‘extender’ or to be used in addition to another strain. I like both enough to be droning on about them anyway. A good smoke for sundown and a worthwhile book, or Mario Kart.

Angus is an indica leaning hybrid with an earthy, floral aroma.