andy og strain

Andy og strain

Strain Name: Uncle Andy

Grade: A

Type: indica

Looks: green light and dark, lots of redish orange hairs, covered in trichromes, inside the bud is sappy and like a mine of trichromes

Fruity skunky, smell up the room and everything it touches

Taste: fruity and potent…harsh on the throat and lungs a bit

Effects: instant feeling of high after exhale…long lasting (3-4 hours) energetic high

Potency: 10/10

Reviewed by: bostonsc3

Good Strain For: sleep, stomach pain, back pain, insomnia, ADD, anxiety

Strain Name: Uncle Andy Grade: A Type: indica Looks: green light and dark, lots of redish orange hairs, covered in trichromes, inside the bud is sappy and like

Andy’s OG : Strain Review

Andy’s OG : Strain Review

I’ll always remember when I first started hearing about indica and sativa. At the time I was a fairly new smoker. It was back in the day when marijuana came in an unmarked clear plastic baggie and whatever weed you could get ahold of was amazing. The concept of the two different strains varieties was a completely moot point to me at the time. At the time the only thing I would ask about my marijuana purchases was “how much?” The concept was quite foreign to me at the time and I’ll shamelessly admit that even after legalization it took me a few visits to a dispensary before I actually pegged down which was which. After training myself to recognize the different traits of sativa and indica it was quite humorous to look back on different batches we had gotten throughout college and correlate the differences between the “clean the kitchen” batch and the “sleep through class” batch to being sativa and indica strains respectively. As I delved more into the wide world of weed, I initially conceded that sativa was the strain for me. As time passed however and I was exposed to more indicas and hybrid strains, I really put into place the fact that I shouldn’t be letting the strain pick me based off of its categorization. The truth of the matter is, every strain has a unique array of terpenoids, and each strain will behave differently based on your own body chemistry. In other words, I determined that I didn’t always need a sativa to get up and go and that some strains with sativa tendencies could still make me drowsy. This awakening to variety, as I call it, always peeks when I get to sample a hybrid strain like Andy’s OG. Andy’s OG is a scrumptious hybrid strain that gracefully skirts the realm of indica and sativa with the end result being a balanced high that leaves the user in charge of how they would like to utilize its high.

I picked up my organic, soil grown, non-gmo, and vegan batch of Andy’s OG from Healing House in Denver Colorado. Healing House is one of the only truly organic dispensaries in Colorado. This commitment to growing, pure marijuana organic marijuana yields some of the cleanest and tastiest strains I’ve ever had the fortune of sampling.

Andy’s OG :: Appearance | Smell:

On the first inspection of Andy’s OG, several things stood out about its structure. Aside from the familiar green weed hue, Andy’s OG nuggets tend to be a little longer and narrower, conveying more of a sativa-like appearance to the buds. The nuggets of Andy’s OG also weren’t as densely packed as some strains I’ve seen and as I peered through the little nooks and crevices I was rewarded with a view into a glistening little world of weed between the flowers. As my glistening cave comments would imply, there is a very healthy level of trichomes on each nugget of Andy’s OG. This is the perfect contrast for the robust orange hairs that also grace the surface. Andy’s OG refused to compromise its quality in any regard, and that includes its outstandingly dank aroma. Sometimes when you get a strain and hold it to your nose it simply cries OG. That was the case with this Andy’s OG, all of that familiar dank aroma inherent to OGs was expressed perfectly. Andy’s OG is one of the most potent marijuana strains. While there was a surprising dryness to the odor, there was still a whole lot of sweet notes that compensated for the straight cut OG aroma.

Andy’s OG :: Smoke | Effect:

After a quick shred, I packed some Andy’s OG into a steamroller (go big or go home) and prepared myself for an afternoon of video games and snack food. As I took mg first puff, I started up one of my favorite real-time strategy games with one of my friends online and waited to see if Andy’s OG would have me claiming the entire galaxy or getting smashed by a race of pissed off space aliens. The initial flavor from Andy’s OG is a little nebulous. The flavor, while undeniably sweet, also had a dark side to it as well in the form of an earthy richness. These rich earthy notes were an amazing flavor addition, and just like the hybrid nature of this strain accentuated the sweetness very well. Also worth noting, Andy’s OG is insanely smooth. Whether that’s a testament to the all organic methodology it was grown by, or if these genetics are just inherently smooth, I may never know. After a good initial steam roller puff, I was feeling pretty darn good. In no time at all I was blundering around the galaxy in rickety ships, pissing off every alien I encountered. It was somewhat hard to categorize the high from Andy’s OG but I will say this, it definitely had traits from both the indica and the sativa side of the spectrum. While I wouldn’t claim a full indica effect, I was feeling particularly mellow after my session and while I also wouldn’t claim a total sativa effect, I was surprisingly aware also. While it will certainly take more empirical study to determine if Andy’s OG will go well with activities like Frisbee golf or bed time, it’s something I plan to study further (remember I’m taking one for the team with all this intensive studying). I have no doubt that from my initial experience this is a strain that can be parlayed into almost any activity thanks to its 50/50 hybrid nature.


So, is Andy’s OG an indica or a sativa? No, it’s better by being both! While there is always a certain degree of mystery behind the effects of any marijuana strain I’ve been finding more and more over the last few years the joy of hybrid strains. Having a hybrid strain really is like having your cake and eating it too. The effects of strains like Andy’s OG are so wonderful because they seem to present a sort of choose your own adventure. With Andy’s OG, the activities that you choose will directly impact how the high effects you, which makes this Andy’s OG an amazing utility strain to keep around in time of need. This same unique dichotomy also makes this strain the perfect house strain to have around for daily smoking as well. If you’re in the market for a true hybrid that gracefully skirts the realms of both sativa and indica then you’re in the market for some Andy’s OG.

If you're in the market for a true hybrid that gracefully skirts the realms of both sativa and indica then you're in the market for some Andy's OG.