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Every Hidden Alien In Grand Theft Auto V’s Story Mode

Players can go hunting for aliens in Grand Theft Auto 5, but finding Rockstar Games’ hidden UFOs will prove to be a little more tricky.

Rockstar Games always adds small details to their titles that make them even more impressive, and in Grand Theft Auto 5, players can actually go hunting for aliens. There are various UFO sightings to discover throughout the game, as well as intriguing clues that seem to point towards evidence of extraterrestrial life.

Some of the UFO sightings can be observed as players go through Grand Theft Auto 5’s single-player mode, but it requires a semblance of patience and effort to go looking for the hidden aliens. If players don’t know where to go or what exactly it is they’re looking for, they could find themselves going in circles.

Some of the aliens in Grand Theft Auto 5 can be found early on, but other times, the player is required to have fully finished the story mode before they can see the sight for themselves. Upon achieving 100% completion, players will be able to witness UFOs in the sky under certain weather conditions and at specific times of the day, but it still requires patience (and being at the proper locations) in order to finally catch a glimpse.

All The Aliens In GTA 5’s Single-Player Campaign

Players can find the first alien sighting early on in the game, specifically within Grand Theft Auto 5’s prologue. While driving ahead over the railway crossing, players should maneuver the car right and take it under the bridge. The next step is to exit the vehicle. Upon stepping out of the car, the player should look down at the frozen river. There they’ll be able to see an alien under the ice, which seemingly crashed its flying saucer into the water.

This isn’t the only time players can find the frozen alien, either. They can also spot it during the Bury the Hatchet mission if they follow the same steps. Drive the car to the area under the bridge, get out, and start searching. The alien isn’t hard to miss, and clearly isn’t going anywhere. Not all of the UFO sightings can be accessed during the single-story mode, however. In fact, most of them are only available after once a player has fully completed the story. To find the remaining UFOs, players will need to accomplish 100% in the game.

There’s actually a clue at the top of Mt. Chiliad that encourages players to come back when they’ve finished the story. There’s an intriguing series of markings on the wall of the cable car station that sits atop of the mountain. It reads like a map of Mt. Chiliad that seems to have the location of secret objects hidden around the area. The map is filled with tiny, obscure symbols, including a cracked egg as well as a spaceship. But perhaps the most telling part of the hint is at the back of the platform, as it includes a saying that reads, “Come back when your story is complete,” a clear hint that players need to return upon 100% completion for a special surprise.

After reaching 100%, players can witness various alien sightings in the sky, depending on the time of day and weather. There are three locations in particular that players have reported spotting UFOs. The first is, unsurprisingly, Mt. Chiliad itself. Returning to the mountain at night will gift players with a special sight – a bright flying saucer before their very eyes. Shooting at the flying saucer seems to do little damage, and hopping in a plane or helicopter and trying to get closer forces the saucer to fly away. Players can look in the telescope at the top of the lookout to get a better view of Grand Theft Auto’s UFO, but otherwise, there’s little they can do to interact with the extraterrestrial.

The other two sightings take place at Fort Zancudo and Sandy Shores. To reach both of these UFOs, players will need to steal or spawn a plane or helicopter, since the flying saucers are located so high up in the sky. Fly directly above Fort Zancudo on a clear day at night. While the UFO is pretty to look at players shouldn’t get too close to it. Rather than simply fly away, this saucer will obliterate the player’s helicopter or plane, making it one of the creepiest alien sightings Grand Theft Auto has to offer.

Finally, players can discover the last alien in the sky above Sandy Shores. Once again, hop into a plane or helicopter and fly as high as possible on a clear day, particularly in the daytime. Players can shoot a bit at this saucer, as it appears to take some damage, but they won’t be able to fully destroy it or shoot it out of the sky. Perhaps more interesting, however, players will be able to clearly see an FIB sign on the saucer (which is GTA’s version of the FBI). Many fan theories have tried to uncover what this means, with many believing it implies the government is the one behind the entire alien conspiracy.

GTA 5’s Fake Alien Obsession

There are various other instances in GTA 5 in which aliens appear but they’re not actually real aliens. Alien movies are a theme throughout the game. A fictional movie “Los Santos 2020” incorporates an extra-terrestrial, and players can also find a poster for AlienProber4 in Lester’s home. Moreover, in the Franklin and Lamar mission, while the two characters are driving through the studio, they encounter a movie casting for an alien-themed film, thus explaining the multitude of people dressed as extraterrestrial characters. Players need to avoid hitting any of the extras if they want to score 100% completion.

In the mission Grassroots, Michael De Santa hallucinates aliens after getting high on weed. He also experiences similar visions after taking a sip from a very special drink that his son’s dealer prepared for him at a fast food joint. Players can find an area that appears dedicated to aliens near the Sandy Shores train tunnel and airstrip. The tribute includes paintings of alien faces and several suggestive phrases, including “Beam me up.” There’s also a statue of a UFO propped up on an old Regina. During the Murder Mystery side mission, there is also another statue of an alien to be found in the bookcase located in Solomon Richards’ office.

It turns out there are plenty of UFO sightings and clues to be discovered through Grand Theft Auto 5, helping to extend the single-player gameplay experience and keeping players on their toes.

Players can go hunting for aliens in Grand Theft Auto 5, but finding Rockstar Games’ hidden UFOs will prove to be a little more tricky.