ak 47 for sale in houston tx

Ak 47 for sale in houston tx

Mon – Friday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Sunday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Range Fees

Weekdays $18/Per Hour/Per Person

Weekend $20/Per Hour/Per Person


Athena Gun Club has a fleet of firearms that you can rent and shoot on the range. From the most basic of handguns to the most exotic semi-automatic and fully-automatic rifles, we have you covered.


“Athena Gun Club is my first choice because as soon as you walk in you’re blown away. Everything is beautifully constructed and absolutely perfect.”
Tim Tuttle, Morning Host of 93Q

“My husband and I took a new date night here to test out our new gun purchase and we were not disappointed. Athena is our new go-to range.”
Cemore Robinson

“Personnel is friendly and knowledgeable and the facility is first rate with quite a selection of guns.”
Robert Morris

“Athena is a Day Spa Gun Club for gun enthusiasts. I live on the north side of Houston and am willing to drive the extra few miles to Athena because of its clean facility and friendly staff.”
Vepr Beowulf

“This place is first class and has to be the premier shooting facility in Texas.”
John S

“I’ve been to many ranges in our Great State of Texas. Athena Gun Club ranks #1 in my book.”
Mario Ramirez

“Athena is a first class facility. I didn’t even know the first thing about shooting guns, but now thanks to Athena I have the bug!”
Victoria S

“Great experience. Awesome staff. Good collection of guns. What more could you want?
Soumya Deb

“Love this place! They have everything you need when it comes to guns, accessories, and classes.”
Nancy Frias

Setting a new standard in the firearms industry, Athena Gun Club proudly serves our diverse community as Houston’s largest gun club and indoor shooting…

Ak 47 for sale in houston tx

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