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Afghan and Maui Haze (feminized) are the parents of Afgooey that is famous strain from the North California.

The flowering takes 8 weeks. The yields reach 0.9 gr/W indoors and about 1 kg outdoors. The dense compact buds has a shape of a pear and a medium-large calyx. The resin appears early in blooming. The leaves are fat and dark green. This is a short plant with short average internodal distance under 5 cm. It is suitable for SCROG.

Afgooey offers citrus, fruity, kushy, earthy taste. The strain provides long-lasting effect that comes quickly. It is highly keen, cerebral, heady, opens creative. It also has medical use against apathy and depression.


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Растение очень сильное, быстро оправляется от стрессов, устойчиво к высоким уровням ppm. На веге растёт активно, на предцвете ещё активнее, на цвете замедляет рост, но растёт уверенно, зреет быстро. Благодаря технике топинга, мейнланинга и 9 недельной вегетации фактически и практически удалось получить 2 растения с одной развитой корневой системой, я думаю это стоило того. В итоге 24 колы из двух несущих веток. Вкус: ёлка, ягоды и сладкий цитрус с кислинкой на выдохе. Запах: разнотравье и цветы.

Эффект от дыма – ошеломляющий стоун, наполненный счастьем и активным, даже хаотичным, мышлением, новые идеи без конца приходят в голову, ты не просто сидишь на месте – ты что-то делаешь, но желательно сидеть при этом 😉 повышение дозировок сильнее расслабляет тело и уверенно ведёт в кровать. :grinning: :muscle:

Соцветия плотные, среднего размера и очень липкие. Из листьев ранних дефолиаций я добыл молодой киф – 2,5 грамма, а из обрезков и лопухов урожая добыл 3,5 грамма качественного кифа, полученные методом сухой экстракции.
Конечный продукт – 188 грамм соцветий и 6 грамм кифа. :ok_hand: : 1:

Easy, easy plant to grow. She had strong secondary branching, recovered quickly from defoliating, and ate as much as I could feed her. The next time I grow this strain, I will definitely top and encourage the secondary nodes to the top of the canopy. She could’ve easily taken a more aggressive feeding schedule. There was considerable stretch when she was flipped, and flowering took a long time, similar to a Sativa.
My harvest technique started with a final flush. I allowed the plant to dry out for several days then I put her in my drying box for 3 days. The average temp in the drying box was 64-69 degrees. The humidity was a much wider range; 34-51. Once she was cut down, I wet trimmed then hung her by the stalks to dry for 7 days.

Smoke is really nice and heady so far. I took some popcorn nuggets and dried them last week. The aroma and taste is pretty pungent. It has a bit of a pine sol, diesel-like flavor. It’s a bit different than the aromas I’m used to when harvesting. This strain was perfect to pair with some dark chocolate coconut cookies. Binge watching Netflix is bad though. This herb makes you want to get up and do stuff. Sitting in front of the TV seems like a waste.

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