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10 Hemp Bracelet Patterns to Try

If you’ve never tried making hemp bracelets, now is the time to start! Who doesn’t love wearable art? DIY hemp bracelets are an easy and affordable craft suitable for all ages and abilities. Make matching friendship bracelets for you and your bestie, add colorful beads for a bold accessory, or experiment with fun weaving techniques.

This simple but extraordinary craft only requires one supply—hemp cords. As you become familiar with the weaving process of creating these unique bracelets, you can kick things up a notch by experimenting with new designs and adding colorful accessories such as beads or buttons.

Since so few supplies are required, you can bring this craft with you anywhere. Whether you’re leaving for school or headed out of town, simply toss some hemp cord in your bag and bring your craft to work on during breaks or when time allows. With these great tutorials, you’ll be able to design a new bracelet for every day of the week (and then some).

Hemp bracelets are the ultimate DIY accessory. Use these 10 unique patterns to create your new favorite bracelet using a few budget-friendly materials.

Hemp Bracelet

Description: This Hemp Bracelet features a bead or button in the center, surrounded by a Buttonhole Stitch design.

The tire-tread pattern of this Micro-Macrame bracelet is made by a vintage technique known as В“nestingВ”. Using two colors really brings out the style of this technique, but you can use one color if you wish.

This is an easy Micro-Macrame pattern, so is suitable for beginners who have experience with all the knots used in the design.

First Half

Step 1: Cut 2 cords, each 24 inches long (filler cords)

Cut 2 cords of each color, at least 8 times the finished length of the bracelet. So for a 7-inch bracelet, the cords should be 56 inches or longer.

For the clasp, cut 1 cord, 15 inches long.

Prepare the ends with glue to prevent unraveling, and apply beeswax (optional).

Do the following math before you get started making the Hemp Bracelet:

First Half of Band

First Half of SK

Second Half of SK

Step 3: Use working cords 1 and 6 to tie the first half of a Square knot, around the filler cords only .

Make sure they pass over working cords 2 and 5 as you bring them down to tie the knot.

When using cords 1 and 6, you will tie the first half of a SK, and the next one will be the second half.

Bring cords 1 and 6 under 2 and 5, and then tie the second half of the SK you began in step 3.

Step 6: Move cords 1 and 6 to the sides, and bring cords 2 and 5 under them.

Tie a complete SK with cords 2 and 5, as in step 4.

Continue alternating between the two sets of working cords, until the band is the size you came up with when you did the math in step 1.

Make sure you end with the complete SK tied with cords 2 and 5 (step 6).

Center Area — Buttonhole

Step 7: Now it’s time to work on the center portion of the Hemp Bracelet. Slide the bead onto cords 3 and 4 (fillers).

Use cords 5 and 6 to make the Double Buttonhole Stitch:

Use cord 6 to tie the first half of a Vertical Larks Head knot onto cord 5, rotating clockwise.

Bring cord 6 over and then under cord 5.

As you pull the cord to the right, pass over cord 6.

Tie the second half of the knot just below, by passing cord 6 under – over cord 5.

Bring it under cord 6 as you pull it to the right.

Both steps equal one Larks Head knot.

Step 8: Tie several more Larks head knots, until the buttonhole design reaches the bottom of the bead or button.

Add extra knots until the sennit is 3/4-inch to 1-inch long.

Repeat the process on the left side. The knots are tied with cord 1 , rotating counter-clockwise .

The knot should be tied around the holding cords only.

Second Half of Band

The band should end with the complete SK made with cords 2 and 5 (step 6).

Fold cords 2 – 5 backward , towards the band. Arrange the cords neatly and apply glue under them.

Sliding Clasp

Secure the knot next to the straight ends, on the right.

The loop and other end will be pulled inside the Wrapped Knot, securing it. Make sure it’s pulled about half way through the knot.

Hemp Bracelet Description: This Hemp Bracelet features a bead or button in the center, surrounded by a Buttonhole Stitch design. The tire-tread pattern of this Micro-Macrame bracelet is made