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Arrogant. Presenting eternally debated issues as objectively simple and one sided, and if you land on any other perspective than his, you’re a bad person. This is propaganda for hipsters. This is the new way agendas are presented, thru comedy, where our guard is down the most. As an investigative journalist myself I care only about objectivity, I have no political leaning when I write and research and do my best to avoid the bias of human nature, and this show is shameful in that context. I also pride myself on responding to critique with an open mind and not attaching personal feelings when I’m called out and lashing out at people who stand in the way of what i want to be true with ruminations concerning what actually is true objectively(this will make sense in a moment).

The amount of things Adam skips over, presents out of context, or just straight up doesn’t address to get his point across is nothing short of disgraceful. Why. What could the purpose of this show possibly be beyond attempting to reshape issues current or otherwise, for a generation of people who have never really lived without a screen to dive into and use to construct a reality that is better than actual reality any time a hint of discomfort pops up. This is terrifying. There is literally no reason for a show like this to exist beyond arrogantly stating things his Freemason, or whoever really runs things, overlords tell him. Go ahead and give me a “not helpful” Bc I made people face the fact that we’ve collectively lost the ability to critically think and need a nasally voiced, annoying, intentionally sexually ambiguous, and unintimdating puppet to shape your world view. I could show u pages upon pages of research by really rich people all the way back to the 40s and 50s; that’s gone into what personality is best to present information like this, hence allowing it to sink in most efficiently.

I would have no problem if he didn’t act like he solved the worlds greatest problems in 21 mins every week. We’re all entitled to our opinion, for sure, but when it’s presented as fact and any other perspective is condescended to the whole time. That’s not an opinion, that’s Pure wrong. I don’t care about the disclaimer at the beginning, and neither does our human natured collective subconscious. I don’t care which way a show like this leans socially or politically, i care that it leans at all. Please don’t get that twisted. It’s the leaning itself like he on that purple drank that bothers me. It’s disingenuous and it’s far deeper than some guy spewing nonsense. It’s a weapon.

Not quite the same but kinda similar, check out Nathan For You. Much much better docudramedy, not even close.

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