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707 OG Chem: An Intense Mind Warp

As the name suggests, 707 OG Chem is a top-notch fusion of two classic parents: 707 OG Kush and Chemdawg.

OG Strains Commonly Mislabeled By Dispensaries

While the dispensary lists the strain as a Sativa, we believe that it is a sativa-dominant hybrid and should be classified as such. The 707 OG Kush parent (Indica-dominant Hybrid) provides a sedative body high, while Chemdawg endows the 707 OG Chem with its sour taste and uplifting cerebral effect.

“We found 707 OG Chem to be a very relaxing strain, good for chronic pain relief with a deep spaciness.”

Although the OG smell overpowers the sourness from the Chemdawg, the flavor is a perfect combination of the two. The taste of 707 OG Chem is a balance of classic OG pine flavor and the characteristic Sour Diesel tang from the Chemdawg. After just one hit you begin to feel a sedative body-buzz set in; each bong rip is coupled by a spacey cerebral high. I would have to consider this strain very potent medicine based on this batch.

707 OG Chem Strain Known to Be Very Spacey

Within five minutes a stoney, couch-lock feeling sets in that can be felt throughout the entire body. The stoned feeling can especially be felt behind your eyes, which become heavier throughout the medication session. Despite that fact, this strain does not make you tired because of the uplifting effect from the Chemdawg.

However, we wouldn’t suggest smoking 707 OG Chem if you have work to do that requires your close attention. This strain causes the mind to space out, drifting into random interludes of deep thought similar to effect from Girl Scout Cookies. Roll up a joint of this strain for social gatherings, or to unwind with in the afternoon.

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As the name suggests, 707 OG Chem is a top-notch fusion of two classic parents: 707 OG Kush and …