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Top 10 Cannabis Strains For Euphoria

Looking to feel buzzy and alive? These cannabis strains will bring about sensations of euphoria that relax the body and stimulate the mind!

Cannabis is an incredibly diverse species containing thousands of individual strains that differ in their growth, effects, and aroma/flavour. Due to specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles, some strains are great for sleep and relaxation. Others, however, are known for inducing states of motivation and concentration. But when you’re looking to simply have a really good time with friends—or alone for that matter—the best strains to choose are those that bring on a state of pure euphoria, inducing hours of laughter and giggles.

Here are the top 10 most euphoric cannabis strains from Royal Queen Seeds!


Wedding Gelato is a strain with some serious personality. This psychoactive beast takes no prisoners with a THC level of 25%, offering an immediate high that melts the muscles and elevates the mind into a blissful state. It won’t take long until you look over to your red-eyed friend and begin to see a smile creep onto their face, followed shortly thereafter by explosive laughter. Wedding Gelato features 60% indica genetics and 40% sativa genetics, which enables her to seduce both the body and mind with her powerful effects. She was carefully crafted in the breeding room using parent strains Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Gelato 33.

If you fancy cultivating a crop of this euphoric strain at home, expect indoor plants to grow to 60–100cm and yield up to 500g/m² after a flowering time of 8–9 weeks. If cultivating this strain outdoors, you can look forward to a yield of 350–400g/plant, a peak height of 200cm, and a harvest time around early October.

Different cannabis strains produce different effects. These 10 varieties induce an immediate state of euphoria, relaxation, and creative thinking.